What’s in your Stash?

For most of 2011 and into 2012 my personal challenge was to work from my stash of fabrics and scraps. So far I’ve been pretty successful at doing that without having to buy too much to go with it. I’ve always loved scrappy quilts and hand work so it wasn’t too big a challenge ;)

Split 9-Patch

This quilt was made with a variety of green and purple pieces of oddly shaped fabrics. They may very well have been donated to me via someone else’s stash.  The purple flowered pieces were left from fabrics given me by my nieces when they were very small. The light purple is from leftovers of a quilt made for my Mom when I first got serious about quilting.  The binding is made from 12″ pieces of the green in the quilt as I didn’t have enough of any one colour left for a one colour binding.
Two reasons that I love scrap quilts is the memories they hold & the connections they make to family and friends.  Another thing that I feel very fortunate to have is friends who are willing to open up their stashes for that one colour that is missing.

Fruit Smoothie from the stash of Raye & Joan

This table topper is made from such a stash. I was checking out this pattern from http://sewkaren-lycreated.blogspot.com/ and decided again to see what was in my stash that was similar to what her original pattern cover looked like. Joan supplied the yellow and pink from her stash. I have been accused of not having a “bright” stash, actually my friends said “you aren’t very bright!” It’s true—>the largest bins of my fabric are earth tones, blues and greens. For my birthday in 2001 I was presented with a wallhanging made by the Neighbours in the Hood. In it was fabric from my own stash. I was asked for some grey fabric and so gave them my shoebox full of greys… it came back to me in both memories and connections. :) Go ahead, open up your stash, it feels great.

I Want to Be a Maple Tree

This Maple Tree quilt represents many years of scrap saving. This was a 2005 guild challenge “Me.” It was Suzanne’s year to choose the challenge and so she did, using her skills as a poet to challenge us.
ME: The quilts I make for all to see, are usually made for you, not me. The colours and patterns too, I usually stitch for only you. But what I want is something free, it’s made unique–it’s made about me.  A self portrait is for all to see, the qualities in only me. What makes us great is who we are, in each of us there shines a star. So dig down deep and you will find, the good things there of every kind. Of What you’ve been and what you’ve done, that makes you–you now have some fun.
And so from my stash of scraps came this quilt. It holds all kinds of memories and connections to family and friends. The oldest piece of fabric is the yellow maple leaf that came from doll clothes that I’d made my little sisters when they were 10…well, maybe the deep purple corduroy maple leaf is older…I think I was 13 when I learned about “nap.”
What’s in Your Stash?….Valerie Raye
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One Response to What’s in your Stash?

  1. Joan says:

    Great Blog! The only scrap quilt I made was my mile-a-minute and your right I do enjoy looking at it and remembering who and what I used those fabrics for… I’ve been taking it to the Guild as a sample for an up and coming workshop and it’s getting the attention of quilters who say They have lots of scraps and crumbs. Maybe after I finish my UFO’s l’ll attempt a scrap quilt.
    Happy quilting