Favourite Memory

The Neighbours in the Hood gathered once again in Powell River to reveal their quilts from the 2010 challenge, “My Favourite Memory of 2010.” As is usual at each of these gatherings there is always an abundance of laughter and love. Not surprisingly, all six quilts revealed were centered on adventures that we took together at various times of the year. The Dinghy Dock on Protection Island was represented on 3 of the quilts with the Vancouver Olympics being represented on the other three quilts.What I like best about these types of gatherings is the fact that it keeps us connected. Besides going through our daily lives, some of us live in other cities, separated by the need to travel via ferry to get to each other. It makes it difficult to connect on a regular basis, having a challenge quilt to make and reveal is an awesome way to make sure it happens. My challenge to readers would be that you try this with your quilting friends…it is very inspiring, both before and after the unveiling of the quilts. We have never had rules for the challenge, just here’s the theme, go for it. It’s amazing how similar and how different our challenges have been over the years. Enjoy the photos from the “Favourite Memory of 2010” challenge.

A highlight of the evening was Melinda’s poem, an ode to her Protection Island adventure. She has done an amazing job capturing Nanaimo Harbour with the two islands, Newcastle and Protection. We had a wonderful time at the Dinghy Dock, walking and swimming on our adventure there.

<— Protection Connection <3

<— Aileen’s Safe Harbour was pretty cool too.  A lighthouse represents a safe harbour and having an awesome group of friends acts as a safe harbour too. The photos are also from our trip to Protection Island and the Dinghy Dock.

Road Trips

Doris chose to do our road trips, Sister’s Oregon, Protection Island and a variety of happenings on Maple Avenue :D Great memories!  —>


Joan chose to commemorate Race Vancouver. During the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver the Globe and Mail sponsored daily races for people to win tickets to some of the events. Joan’s girls won tickets to see Sweden play the USA in hockey. Both Joan and I participated in another race and won tickets to another hockey game, the USA vs Switzerland.  The eagle on her quilt shows what we had to find to get the tickets!!  It was awesome. :D


Wanda chose to make two items, both with the 2010 Olympics in mind. The flag is awesome, made from log cabin blocks and applique. The bag is made from olympic fabric and holds the famous red mittens!

Nice job Wanda and go Canucks…must be game night! :D


And then there’s me. This quilt kept growing like topsy. I had no problem picking out my favourite memory though there were many to choose from. 2010 was an awesome year. I chose February as my favourite memory because the entire month was amazing. At work I designed a two week long program to encompass the olympics. Best two work weeks ever (until we did 2 weeks of the Paralympics)!! I got to spend a week in Vancouver experiencing the olympics with family. Had the best 55th birthday at Molson Canadian Hockey House…What can I say… I loved February 2010! This picture doesn’t show the hand quilting in the white background. There is the Olympic torch, the rings, the red mittens, 14 gold medals, and the #55. With Glowing Hearts was heard every where, as was the song I Believe by Niki Yanofsky.

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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