I Believe in Blue Quilt Labels

It’s pretty exciting to realize we have 11 quilts to make for Canuck Place.  Believing in Blue means we will have 5 more quilts to add to this total by the time the Canucks bring the Stanley Cup back to Vancouver. Each of these quilts will have an embroidered label that includes the quilt maker’s name along with the winning game that the quilt is dedicated to. I have completed my first quilt and will dedicate the label to be for the 4th game won in the first round. Alex Burrows scores the winning goal in overtime of the 7th game. The label on this one will read “Round 1, Game 7: Burrows Steals! Shoots!! Scores!!! April, 26, 2011.” I prefer to handquilt but given the need to get these pieced and quilted I had to take to the machine. If you take a look at the space between the 4 white squares you can see a star shape. I have echo quilted around this shape and in the 4 patch squares. We have 12 quilters working on this project.  Go Quilters! Go Canucks!! Attached is the audio from Team 1040 and John Shorthouse’s call on the goal. Go Canucks Go!!


Burrows Steals! Cutting in! Shoots! Scores!!

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