Chesapeake Landing Sewing Day: April 2012

We had another awesome sewing day at the Landing. As usual quilters brought their own projects but there was a request for some discussion on what to do with hexagons and handquilting.

Doris’ hexagon flower

Doris had started making hexagon flowers and not only found them easy to pack while travelling, but that they were addictive. Seems it is the consensus of everyone who has tried them. One of the things we explored was how to finish the edges of these quilts so you could keep the hexagon shape on the outside edge. It is suggested that you cut the backing the same size as the top of the quilt but we weren’t too sure this would work without eventually fraying. When I made my one and only very small hexagon quilt I decided to make the backing 1/4″ bigger than the top. I then turned the backing under and slip stitched it into place. Since the outside edges of the hexagons are already turned under it was easy to to this.

I am a Quilter

We also checked out the pros and cons of plastic and paper templates. Doris had printed hers on photograph paper and then punched a hole in the centre for easy removal. You fold the fabric over the sides of the template and take a couple of stitches in the edges as you make your way around the 6 sides. Using this method of piecing a hexagon is pretty easy as you do not have to take out your basting stitches as you would if you were doing it the old English Paper piecing method. Once you have completed your flowers and appliqued them onto a backing you pop the plastic templates out. I use a chop stick and it was free! ;) There was lots of interest in making hexagons using this method so I think we’ll try making some at the next Chesapeake Landing sewing day. As for the hand quilting, people love the look but prefer NOT to hand quilt.

using plastic templates

A group of ladies in attendance have embroidery machines and have been participating in Hoop Sisters mystery quilts.

It’s pretty amazing what these machines can do. Take a look at this absolutely gorgeous quilt byGail.

Card Trick Mystery Quilt

Joan fed us another awesome lunch consisting of Nicoise Salad, WW bun, juice and an Ice Cream Bomb for dessert. This dessert is pretty cool, made with cake surrounding a scoop of ice cream and frozen. Add drizzled chocolate and fresh raspberries. Oh so good!

Ice Cream Bomb

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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