Maple Leaf Quilters: 1st Annual Quilt Camp

MLQ held its first “quilt camp” at Edenvale Retreat and Conference Centre. For a while, prior to actually getting to Edenvale, we weren’t sure whether or not we would attempt to repeat the process. But, the weekend turned out to be an awesome success and we have already booked space for April 2013. Our mission statement is about working in small groups and in the end there were 9 quilters and 2 facilitators.

April 2012 Quilt Campers

Quilt campers arrived mid afternoon Friday and set up their stations. As is usual at the beginning of a new project, most of the time is spent cutting. And then there is the sewing together of the blocks before the fun of seeing the quilt come together. We watched two new quilters build two very beautiful and very different quilts.

Angela's Twilight

The quilt to the left is called Twilight. The pattern is from the Saginaw St Quilt Co, 2010. It was cut with a ruler called Curves for Rectangles CGKA2 by Creative Grids.  Angela is a new quilter and was able to sew these curved seams without any trouble.  It’s made from batiks and is absolutely gorgeous. Ang was also a lucky participant in “What’s in your Stash?” We all can’t wait for this to come back from a visit to Maybelline at MLQ.




Shelley's Tessellating Pinwheel

This quilt is a Tessellating Pinwheel pattern from SEAdair(Sharon) 2006. It is made using charm squares with yardage added to make up the borders. This one was also made using batiks. Shelley is a fairly new quilter and she found this one easy to put together too.  When making a quilt like this in a group setting you get lots of help seeing colour, where it should go, what should be left out and what should be added in. You know the drill…lots of interaction. :)


Quilters gift bags




Each camper received one of these bags and inside the bags were their Quilto dobbers. Quilto is a quilters game of bingo. The prize table garnered much laughter and commentary after each winner. And if one were to eat their dobbers they better have made friends with someone who would share theirs.

Chocolate kiss dobbers

The food at Edenvale was absolutely amazing. What is even better is they sell cookbooks with most of the recipes from the food they serve. Accomodations were great with bedrooms far enough away from those late night quilters that everyone was able to sleep. Between mealtime and game time there was a lot of quilting with several projects being completed.  Fun and friendship was definitely there in abundance. Sunday afternoon arrived too soon for some of us and had quilters asking about a 4 day quilt camp.
Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye
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  1. Donna says:

    Wow, congratulations everyone!! The projects look wonderful! I sure hope to be able to join you next time!