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How many of us have been to quilt shows? While they are pretty cool to go to I think I enjoy the more informal “show & share” better.┬áIt is here that you get to talk with the quilter, hear the real story behind why the quilt was made, what it was made from and who it may or may not be given to.

Pt Roberts

Every September a group of us show up at Maple Beach in Pt Roberts. We hang quilts all over the front porch and on the clothesline in the backyard. We’ve been doing this for 9 years and every year we get people walking by stopping to ask about the quilts. People are fascinated by the quilts and the stories we tell. And we do enjoy sharing with each other as well as anyone asking to see our quilts.


Powell River

One May long weekend in Powell River we discovered a quilter who had come to camp. For some reason quilting came up and the excitement rose to such a level that we decided to have an impromtu quilt show and share in the backyard of my house. Good thing the lawn was mown ;) Anyway, this lead to discussion about quilting retreats and low and behold, Anne made it to the 1st Annual MLQ Quilt Camp. :)

Sisters, Oregon

Sisters, Oregon, what an awesome outdoor show this is. So, maybe we didn’t get to meet the people who had quilts hanging in the show but we sure did get to enjoy quilts in a very natural environment. And it did prompt those of us who were on this road trip to bring our picnic quilts and quilted bags to share where ever we chose to stop and enjoy ourselves.

In an Oregon Coast daisy patch

Three quilters attempting to imitate art. We tried running through the daisy field with our quilts flowing out behind us, just like we saw on an awesome postcard. While having our picnic, we spotted the field and decided to give it a try, release our inner child…well what we didn’t know was that there were ground level brambles in the bottom of that beautiful field of daisies. :) And we were unable to get our quilts acting like capes as we didn’t have a breeze or couldn’t run fast enough! I think we blamed it on the brambles. :)

Mill Bay, BC

And so, the reason for this walk down memory lane is to show you that having a show and share just about anywhere you choose can be a lot of fun and very inspiring. One of the quilters participating in the BOM asked whether or not it would be possible to get together to show & share. We are scattered everywhere but as is the case with everything we had to make a decision. We have decided to meet on Protection Island at the Dinghy Dock Pub. Friday, August 10 at noon to be exact. The island has a park, with lots of trees for us to string clothesline and have an awesome show & share and brainstorming session for the next group project.
Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye
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