BOM: Borders with Cornerstones

A Quilter's Constellation

The Quilter’s Constellation pictured above measures 52″ square. This was achieved using 13″ blocks & 2 1/2″ (inner) and 5 1/2″ (outer) borders. Through the discussion board I believe we have blocks measuring anywhere from 12″ to 13″ but there is no need to worry as I will give you the instructions necessary to make your borders fit your quilt. :)

These instructions will be posted until June 10th.

An alternate border

The BOM at the left has been assembled with mitred borders. As I’d already made the Quilter’s Constellation before posting the BOM patterns I decided to make another block each month to double check my instructions. I decided to make each block it’s own colour and of course used my scrap bag. What I didn’t do was plan ahead to how it was going to look with borders. Again, I didn’t want to go buy any fabric so was working from my stash. I now have lots of 2 1/2″ strips that were discarded in the inner border auditions. I really liked the green flower fabric but just had enough to make two borders. I’d gone into my EQ7 to see if I could get a better visual of what it would look like. While there I decided that it looked best with the mitred borders and played with a variety of colours. Unfortunately, I didn’t have all the fabric choices that might have looked good, in my stash. This quilt went up and down on my design wall, Joan’s design wall and back to mine before I remembered I had a chocolate brown dot waiting to be made into another quilt. So I finally had to cut into some yardage…but, for all intents and purposes I think the experiment looks all right. Not “wow” but all right…it’ll do. ;)

The unveiling of these quilts will be at the Dinghy Dock on Protection Island on August 10th, 2012 at mid day. For those of you who can’t make it please email MLQ a photo of your finished product and we’ll make sure your quilt is represented at the show & share too.

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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