Canuck Place Quilts

I have 10 of the 17 quilts stacked in my sewing room…ok, one is still a flimsy but tomorrow it will be in the stack! ;)  They are just waiting for their labels and a delivery date. It’s very inspirational and uplifting to see the quilters putting their time into these specially designed quilts. I’ve heard from one of the quilters that it was a little more difficult to get pumped up like last year…you know, the excitement of hockey and a new kit being purchased every time the Canucks won a game. But, at the same time, 15 quilt kits were spoken for before the end of April and another two during the month of May when there were no more :( hockey games<—Canucks games that is.  The one big bonus for the quilters was that there was a lot more time to create their one of a kind quilts for the children. Doris was inspired by her niece and nephew who are huge Canucks fans. Together they created an awesome quilt that will be much loved by a lucky recipient.

Ethan creates Daniel Sedin's #

Lindsey adds Daniel's name






Doris had Ethan and Lindsey draw inside a box that would be the size of the 6 1/2″ square from the quilt. When they had completed their drawings Doris then transferred those images to fabric using special fabric markers. It’s pretty cool…17 + 5 = 22, Daniel Sedin’s jersey number. Doris worked with Samantha to create a 2nd quilt. An enlarged applique of a hockey player is machine stitched onto the basic flimsy. It is a “Tribute” to Rick Rypien, #37. Rick lost his battle with depression last July and I think this is a wonderful quilt, another one to be cherished.

Larry's Stickman

Last year Larry made a quilt for Canuck Place with 18 stickmen drawn onto the white squares. This year he wasn’t able to find a quilting partner but did purchase a kit for me to quilt for him. Larry also gave me permission to draw and quilt his stickmen onto his good friend Sean’s quilt that he too had purchased and needed a quilter to finish. This stickman is free motion stitched with fabric crayon filling in the “equipment” spaces.

It’s also been pretty neat to see all the different types of embroidery out there. Joan has an embroidery machine and spent much of the MLQ Quilt Camp making stick hockey players and goalies for Angela’s Schneider quilt—that is the one that is waiting to be quilted. Angela spent lots of time designing her quilt and says it’s going to be hard to give it up. I assured her that she could make another one that she could keep and cuddle. Wanda took her ideas to a professional embroiderer <—is that even a word? Anyway, she got some cool skates, hockey sticks, goalies and the Canucks whale logo.

What I’ve really noticed is the thought that goes into each and every quilt. That tells me that making these quilts for Canuck Place is as important to each of you as it is to us here at MLQ. I had someone ask me the other day if I’d designed next years quilt…guess I’d better get on it. It was also suggested that we start making quilts waaaaay earlier than the start of the playoffs. I love that!  No matter what we put on our quilts they are going to be much loved by whoever gets them. Again, thanks to all you quilters and sponsors who get that it’s about the kids and not about winning hockey games.  We know we can be creative with or without the winning excitement. And I still BELIEVE In BLUE! Can’t wait for October hockey to begin.

And the stack keeps on growing

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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