Challenge Quilts

Have you ever made a “challenge” quilt? Was it a guild, group or self challenge? I guess you could consider Block of the Months challenges as it seems to be quite a challenge to get them done on time. ;) Anyway, I was asked a few days ago if I had ever retrieved my quilts that are hanging in an office in Powell River. The answer is no I haven’t, and now I have been thinking about whether or not I should. One of those hanging is a guild challenge; music and what it meant to me.

Your Song is Lifting my Heart

I enjoy music but never considered myself an expert by any means on what music is or how it sounds. Heck, most times I don’t even know what they are singing about and have to look up the lyrics on the internet! At the time of this challenge part of my job was to sign the  words to songs at the Spirit of Community Choir. My job was to engage choir members with hearing and vocal difficulties to fully participate in the choir.  I couldn’t do it without my music book in front of me…perhaps it was having to translate the written word to signed words that made it more difficult plus the fact that I CANNOT sing! The other torturous part was that I had to stand in front and face the choir. This was indeed a challenge. And one that I came to love because of all the positive, awesome energy that came from being part of a very special music group. The quilt title “Your Song is Lifting my Heart” is depicted here along with a few other of my favourite songs to sign and, yes, sing.  The choir was divided in sections of women and men, here they are all holding a Variety Club heart. We sang many songs about the sun. Louis Armstrong’s “It’s a Wonderful World.” Rick Scott’s “Angels Do.”  I’d made this quilt in time for the choir to attend KickstART 2004 in Vancouver. After the concerts I had all the members of the choir sign their names to the back of this quilt. Several of those members have since passed on. As I write this I think that I will make a point of retrieving this particular quilt. After all, it does hold special memories. Are you up to the challenge to choose a subject and make it art?

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye
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  1. nina mussellam says:

    Oh Val, I had forgotten about that year’s challenge and I’d forgotten about your contribution. Thanks for the memories.