Christmas in July: Microwave Potato bags & Snap bags

MLQ held a “Christmas in July” sewing day on July 25th. It seems a little murky as to when the term was coined but it most likely has something to do with retailers advertising specials during the summer months when sales were somewhat slow. It seems, however, that quilting does not have a slow season. Maybe quilters are making smaller items like placemats, table runners and bags, but they are always quilting something. And, so were we on July 25th.

Potato Bag & Snap top bag

The potato bag is fun and easy to make and you can actually cook more things in it than just potatoes! We supplied the ladies with “Warm Tater” batting to make their bags. This is a 100% cotton batting with no chemical treatment in it’s manufacturing. Use 100% cotton fabrics and threads. This bag starts with fabrics and batting measuring 11″ x 22″ but you could make it longer for a corn on the cob bag. See¬†web links for pattern.

Potato Bags and Snap tape bags

The other project was a “Tape Measure Snap bag.” When we put that on the MLQ bulletin advertising the projects we had some puzzled looks and queries. Why would someone want a bag for their tape measure? :) The carpenters tape measure is used for the “snap” at the top of the bag. And, in case you didn’t know, tape measures come in a variety of sizes.

measuring tape used for bag snap closure

I think that the 3/4″ size works best. The 1/2″ tape measures work okay for small bags but don’t have the strength to stay closed if you happen to hold the bag upside down. If you do use the 1/2″ tape measure, double them up to make them a little bit stiffer. Also, have the rounded edges facing the inside of the bag for a bigger and better SNAP. Tape Measure Snap Bag- 2012 You also need some decent scissors to cut the tape and round off the corners. The tape can cut you so be careful and don’t forget to tape the edges before you put them inside the bags.

Christmas in July wouldn’t be complete with out turkey! Joan made us some delicious turkey sandwiches with all the trimmings. And a big thanks to Liz who made a wonderful carrot cake for our¬†dessert. It was a day of indulgence because not only did we eat the usual cookies with coffee throughout the day but we had the most awesome ice cream sandwiches in the afternoon. Joan made them from scratch and they were delicious…maybe she’ll share her recipe.

Lorraine's wool santas

We also enjoyed a mini outdoor quilt show while eating lunch on the bistro tables on the patio. Lorraine is a master with the needle. She does incredible redwork and wool quilts as well as “ordinary” quilting! It was indeed a glorious day, both inside and out.
Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye
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