It’s Game Day

Yes, it’s game day! Game 5 in the Stanley Cup Finals and I’m having difficulty concentrating on the task at hand.  Tonight I travel to Tsawwassen so that I can teach the Fruit Smoothie class in Ladner tomorrow. The class sampler is completed. The teaching pieces are cut and ready for the lessons. Normally I would be going over my lesson plan in my head but I just can’t do it today. The Vancouver Canucks are first and foremost in my mind. I’ve juggled my travel times to the mainland (arriving late) because I don’t want to miss the game. My 3yr old grandson loves all the Canucks pump up music/videos that I’ve downloaded and wants repeat play…it’s contagious, so do I! On the way to school this morning the cars on the road were not only flying car flags put playoff towels too. Drivers were wearing jerseys and so were many children on the playground. Canuck fever is everywhere. I have completed my 2nd I Believe in Blue quilt and want to start another today. My good friend Doris has completed her first one and has started a second. We not only have playoff fever, we have quilt making fever too. We Believe in Blue!! Go Canucks Go!!!

Sawyer cheering on the Vancouver Canucks

Quilt Flashing on Maple Avenue

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