2012 Canuck Place Quilt Campaign

The 2nd annual campaign for Canuck Place Children’s Hospice was another huge success. MLQ reached our goal of 16 quilts and they were delivered August 1st. This year we met with the housekeeping co-ordinator, Devida, who talked to us about the 2011 quilts. She was thrilled with the quilts for a variety of reasons and was even more ecstatic to know that we wished to keep on delivering quilts for years to come.

Joan, Valerie Raye & Liz in the West Garden

Before we took the quilts out to the garden to display Devida told us how the quilts from 2011 were being used. Some of them went to families who are huge Vancouver Canucks fans, some to keep safe for the new hospice being built in Abbotsford with the rest being used at Canuck Place on Matthews Avenue. Devida explained how important these quilts were in caring for the children. First off they are perfect colours as they do not jar the senses and they wash and wear wonderfully. She described how a child with compromised health and treatment tubes can be cradled comfortably in a quilt as opposed to a crocheted or knitted afghan…how quilts can cover chairs made from micro fibres that can be abraisive to sensitive skin…how they are the perfect size for the children who use them. When Devida saw this batch of quilts she immediately thought of two young boys who were at the hospice with their sister…I wonder which quilts they’ll choose to take home. :) She talked about how the Vancouver Canucks visit the hospice and how one day she hopes to be able to hold up a quilt to show them their names. We also told Devida to feel free to have them signed by the Canucks and auction some off it would help raise money for the kids.

This year we had 9 quilters with 18 sponsors. When we kicked off the campaign in 2011 we tied it to the wins by the Vancouver Canucks in their run for the cup, labelling each quilt with a winning game. This year we had to change directions as we only had one winning game in the 1st round of the playoffs. Quilters and sponsors looked to some of their favourite game memories and players to individulize their quilts and did an awesome job.

KIDS HELPING KIDS: Sponsors Ethan, Lindsay & Eric Hofmann, quilter Doris Hofmann Beckthold

TRIBUTE: Quilters, Doris Hofmann Beckthold & Samantha Watkins

RYAN KESLER’S 49 POINTS: Quilter, Wanda Shortridge

ROUND 1, GAME 4, April 18, 2012 3-1 win: Quilter, Wanda Shortridge

THANK YOU VANCOUVER CANUCKS 2011-2012: Quilter, Juli Bartholet

2011 SELKE WINNER-RYAN KESLER: Quilter, Jackie Hatfield

TO THE MAX: Quilter, Liz Tuis

I BELIEVE IN BLUE 2011-2012: Quilter, Lynn White

ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN, April 7, 2012; 111 points: Quilters, Patricia Rose & MLQ

NOT HIS FAULT, THANK YOU LU! Sponsor Mickey Daniels, quilter Joan Nicholson

FAREWELL SAMI SALO:  Sponsor Denise Jury, quilters MLQ

BURROWS 500TH GAME, February 21, 2012: Sponsors Judy & James, quilters MLQ

HEART OF A CANUCK:  Sponsors Larry Romanovitch & Andre Denis, quilters MLQ

JANNICK’S CAREER YEAR, 39 PTS: Sponsor Sean Almas, quilter Valerie Almas

I HEART SCHNEIDER: Sponsor Angela Almas Bell, quilter Valerie Almas

WIZARDOUS SEDINERIE – the Twins: by Maple Leaf Quilters

You can access all the quilt campaign photos on our MLQ facebook page through the website: http://www.mapleleafquilters.ca/ Look for the album “I Believe in Blue 2012.”

Thanks again to all quilters and sponsors that helped make this campaign such a great success. The 3rd pattern has been designed and will be unveiled in 2013! Go Canucks Go!

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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