Blue Ribbons:the Cowichan Exhibition

The Cowichan Exhibition yielded 6 ribbons for the Almas/Bell families over the weekend. The coolest winnings were for the placemats that my grandsons, Ethan (7) and Sawyer (5) entered into the Junior Quilting division. When they were dropped off for judging the division chairwoman was thrilled to see junior exhibitors, bringing this years total to 3 participants. Last year there were no entries in this division.

Winning entries

Along with the 1st place ribbons they each received a $10 gift certificate from Serge & Sew Nanaimo. Anne, in charge of the quilts, told me that since both were winning placemats belonging to brothers that the only thing they could do was purchase another gift certificate. That was an awesome thing to do! I also believe that they get $5 for a blue ribbon. Before they go shopping for fabric we will look for a pattern so they can make some good choices. And perhaps I should look at facilitating another children’s sewing day. :)

Sawyer also won a blue ribbon for his entry in the 5 and under lego division. And, to go along with that is a $20 cash prize from Bergthorson Roofing. Really good day for the boys who munched out on caramel candy apples as well.

Kayla's winning cross stitch

This is an awesome piece of work. Kayla worked on this for over a year and then gifted it to me at Christmas 2011. It’s back hanging on my wall and Kayla gets to keep the ribbon. :) It’s inspiring to see needlework by the young folks…she’s also an aspiring quilter with a great sewing background. Looking forward to seeing her first quilt finished…the MLQ Block of the Month.



Red ribbon entry

This is Mom & Dad’s 60th anniversary quilt “Made in Canada, Made to Last.” It was in the section for small quilt, quilted by machine. When I brought it home so that I could enter it in the exhibition I decided it just didn’t have enough quilting on it. I cross hatched eight of the triangles and did some free motion quilting on the maple leaves in the top and bottom middle triangles. While doing this I was shaking my head as I knew I didn’t have the time to tie in all the ends so I back stitched and cut off threads. Needless to say I was surprised to see a ribbon on this quilt. Mom took the quilt home and along with it the ribbon!

1st place ribbon

I designed this quilt to teach curved piecing, using the fabrics that were in my stash. I wanted a bold contrast that could showcase hand quilting.  Knot for the Birds was entered into the small quilt, hand quilted division. I really wasn’t expecting a ribbon and now I’m glad of all the times I pulled out crooked stitching!  I’m going to keep this ribbon ;) The quilt will hit the “waiting for a new home” pile.

I met a few women who belong to guilds in Duncan and now to make the time to join. The Heritage Quilters meet on Monday mornings nearly every single Monday of the year. That’s a hard core group of quilters and I think I’ll be making a visit one day soon. It was an awesome day at the fair and indeed it was as billed: the Family Fun Fair. Go check out your local fair, it’s very cool!

At the Cowichan Exhibition

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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