It Takes a Team

For as long as I can remember the word “team” has been a part of my life. Whether it was working together as a family, playing on a sports team or providing leadership to youth through Scouts Canada. Together Everyone Achieves More. I believe in this as much as I Believe in Blue. My good friend Larry relies on a team to help him realize his dreams.  As an avid hockey fan and quilter, he took the opportunity of purchasing an I Believe in Blue quilt kit. Larry’s team then helped him complete a w/c size quilt for Canuck Place Children’s Hospice. Larry is also an artist. He makes b&w paintings with stick figures, selling the canvases almost as fast as the paint dries. Larry used these stick hockey players to individualize his quilt. The fabric was stabilized with freezer paper and anchored to the work surface. He used fabric crayons to draw the stick figures. At the sewing machine, Larry operates the foot controls while a team member feeds the pieces through the machine. Getting the timing right between the two machine operators is an art in itself…lol.  “Round 2, Game 4: It takes a Team, May 5, 2011” Quiltmaker Larry Romanovitch with Patsy, Joan, Margaret & Val

Larry's "Wayne Gretzky" for Sean

Larry drawing on fabric

just a few Canucks

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