Back to Sewing: September 2012

Over at Maple Leaf Quilters it’s been a summer full of quilting and quilt shows. Just like school starts in September, so does quilting start for most others. MLQ hosted another sewing day at Chesapeake Landing in Ladner and there were smiles all around as people caught up with each other and the goings on over the summer time.

The day started with an impromtu quilt show as Joan delivered quilts that she had quilted over the summer. Seen at the left is a baby quilt made my Lorraine with sparkling dragonfly fabrics. Some little girl out there sure is lucky.

Binding seemed to be on several quilters minds too. Kadi and Joan made bindings for their respective quilts and Lorraine added bindings to two of her quilts. I had to make some bias binding for a round quilt that needed to be finished before I headed back to Vancouver Island. Gail told me that she has finally got the joining of binding ends down pat. There are step by step pictures of the process in the post from the June sewing day in Ladner. I’ll post step by step pictures of making bias binding at a later date.

Before we knew it the morning had zipped through until it was lunch time. Joan served an awesome bacon & tomato sandwich and salad with homemade Blue Cheese dressing. For those not in favour of Blue Cheese, there was Ranch. ;) Lunch was served on the outside patio and went on extra long as we enjoyed the food, company and weather.

Oh, and I can’t forget the Fresh Peach Cobbler with whipped cream! That was excellent and there was nothing left in the 9 x 13 pan to prove it.

Upcoming sewing days at Chesapeake Landing: October 20th, November 24th and December 15th. To reserve a spot contact us at Some of things we are considering are participating in a shop hop in the lower mainland and a quilt challenge. Stay tuned for more information.

Must get back to the binding…last step on my 10th anninversary quilt, September Song.

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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