10th Annual Pt Roberts Retreat

Two years after we decided we wanted to celebrate our 10th anniversary retreat with friendship quilts, it has finally happened! :) :) :) There are a core group of us who have met every September since 2003. In 2010 we decided to make a quilt representing what quilting at the beach meant to us. We were to make 8 of the same block and have them ready for September 2011. To simplify matters we were to all use the footprints fabric in each block measuring 12 1/2.”

The Campbell family cabin is located on the Boundary Bay side of Point Roberts on Maple Beach and is less than half a block from the beach itself. The cabin has a wonderful front porch that we have spent many hours on while building friendship, fun and quilts. There have been trips to the beach in the early morning to watch the sunrise and later at night to swim in the path of the moon. With each block came a story:

This “friendship star” was made by Donna, the linchpin in this group. Donna learned to quilt with some of us weeks before she left Powell River. She was instantly hooked on quilting and suggested that we gather each year to continue quilting together. The family cabin was located in the best place for everyone and so the tradition of meeting in September began. Merle chose the “maple leaf” because, not only does she like to make maple leaf quilts, she loved the idea that the quilting friendship began on Maple Avenue and continues in Maple Beach.

Joan chose to make the “Campbell Cabin.” She made eight bare bones cabins and left each of us to embellish the cabin which ever way we saw fit. The cabin is white with blue trim and the striped fabric on the right hand side of the porch represents the canvas curtains that contain a front porch bedroom. All that was left was to add your flowers and quilts and garden knick-knacks. Kathy made the “Wishing Ring” block as it reminded her of the ringed rocks on the beach called wishing rocks. We do, in fact, use these rocks to hold the quilts on the porch rails.

One of Pat’s favourite memories was swimming in the path of the full moon. There were 3 Campbell sisters and they would go swimming in the path of the full moon whenever they could…Pat, Joan and I were thrilled to be able to go swimming in the path of the full moon in 2007, the one and only full moon and high tide we’ve had while at retreat. :) My block depicted Boundary Bay and Mount Baker in the daylight.


Wanda loved the crabs that decorated the cabin so she appliqued a crab on each block. She used different back ground fabric for her block but keeping with the theme, she cut each foot print out and appliqued it onto the block. Kadi chose an attic windows design to tell her story of quilting at the beach. Kadi is a knitter so used some printed knit fabric in one square. She also entertains us with guitar music so appliqued a guitar. She finished it off with foot print fabric and ladies sitting on a seawall. She captured it all very well.


When we exchanged blocks we each had eight. We would then add a 9th block to the stack and start building our quilts.  Well, I got a call from Pat saying she thought we should make more blocks so we could have a bigger quilt.  Kadi, myself, Joan and Pat each made a 12 block quilt with lattice and borders.

Below are Wanda’s, Merle & Donna’s and Kathy’s. Wanda chose to do a wall hanging and her centre block allows for actual photographs to be exchanged. Merle and Donna merged their blocks and are going to hang this quilt at the Campbell cabin for all the family to enjoy. The third quilt is Kathy’s and this is her 3rd quilt, the first she has ever machine quilted. She did an awesome job!

They were to be ready for September 2012. Like typical quilters, after 2 years of planning, the quilts arrived at the cabin unfinished. They didn’t require much but they still needed something. The quilts hung brilliantly in the back yard on Sunday, September 23rd where we held an open house & quilt show celebration for family, friends and the Maple Beach neighbours. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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2 Responses to 10th Annual Pt Roberts Retreat

  1. Joan says:

    What a lovely post! I really enjoyed constructing the Campbell Cabin and really enjoyed planting my garden. To funny that we all arrived with our quilts not quite done! Cheers to us all! Happy Quilting

  2. Wonderful post… it was a wonderful retreat… friends, family, great food, sewing and laughter… xoxo