It’s a Mystery

I’ve been pondering the next group project for awhile now.  September 2011 was the start of the BOM and after the reveal of those quilts in August I was asked what’s next? Well, truth be told, I hadn’t looked past the actual reveal of those quilts. When I did start to think about it I knew that I wanted it to be something that everyone, no matter the skill level, could do without tearing their hair out or writing off ever finishing a quilt. :) Joan suggested the possiblity of a mystery quilt. I have never done a mystery quilt before and had no inkling on how to go about it. So, I’ve asked some questions and searched the web and have come up with an idea. First clue for the mystery will be posted on Friday, October 12th.

I’ve also looked up the definition of mystery in my handy dandy Student’s Oxford Canadian Dictionary! It’s a real hard cover book too. mystery noun: 1 a secret, hidden, or inexplicable matter: the reason remains a mystery 2 secrecy or obscurity: wrapped in mystery. I decided to stop with the noun portion of this definition as we are working on a quilt which is, in itself, a noun. I am also hoping that this mystery quilt pattern doesn’t become an inexplicable matter to those of you who choose to make this quilt. I do, however, hope that I can keep this quilt wrapped in mystery for the first 5 steps!

And speaking of mysteries…did you know there are many, many quilting mystery books out there to read and collect? The first one I ever came across was Earlene Fowler’s Mariner’s Compass, the 6th in the Benny Harper Mystery series.

At the time of purchase I did not know that it was number 6 so had to locate (and purchase) the first 5 and then waited every year for the release of new books. There are now 15 in the series and apparently this may be the end of Benny and her friends.

All the books in this series, as well as A Someday Quilts Mystery (, and A Quilting Mystery ( are titled after quilt blocks. And there really are quilts involved in the mysteries!

Another author that I enjoy reading is Arlene Sachitano who writes the Harriet Truman/Loose Threads Mystery. ( On our return road trip from Sisters, Oregon we stopped at the Latimer Quilt & Textile Centre where we actually met Arlene and had her sign the books that we purchased. Her heroine is a Longarm Quilter! There are now 5 books in this series and I’ve noticed that I’m down by two!

Anyway, while you are waiting on your mystery quilt I’d encourage you to check out one of these authors. It’s always fun to read about what you love to do. I’d imagine that most of these books are available both in print and electronically.

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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2 Responses to It’s a Mystery

  1. Joan says:

    I’m so excited…. I get to be a detective :) I better start interviewing my fabric stash! :)

  2. Valerie Raye says:

    lol…writing this post made me want to go read a book! and just so you guys know, my stash wasn’t quite big enough so had to order on-line from cause I was short “this much!”