Maple Leaf Quilters presents: “Just an Illusion” Mystery Quilt

It’s been an eye opener for me as I’ve been doing the research into this mystery quilt. After learning that I could just take a pattern and break it down into as many steps as I could, I then found out that I might want to add some ”extras” into the mystery. As with all brainstorming you look at everything. I looked into song lyrics that might tie in with the quilt pattern and boy did I hear some TERRIBLE music!  IMO the best music in the world happened before 1975! And then there was a little research into words and word play. Has anyone ever heard or used the word “cloud-cuckoo-land?” Maybe that word should be put out there as a challenge quilt.. :)

This post will concentrate on yardage required for the quilt. Since I know some of the “gumshoes” participating live where there is no fabric store I thought I’d at least get this part of the mystery out so they can catch a ferry if need be. Neighbours in the Hood—> you are welcome!

For the blocks you will need 4 different colours plus the background. The background fabric must be light: it can be a solid or read as a solid (tone on tone). The 4 colours in the blocks can be contrasting or 4 different shades of the same colour. It’s best to choose different scales of prints: large, medium, small and a tone on tone.

At the left is a sample of what I chose for one of the quilts…as usual I’m doing two of the same thing…I like to call it “quality control” but really, it’s about the math! :)  So what you see are the 4 colours for the blocks plus the light background fabric. What ever you choose for the block should contrast with the  background fabric. Avoid directional prints. Finished quilt will measure 60″ x 75″.

Background & inside border:   2.5m light

Blocks:    .35m each of 4 different colours

Sashing/lattice:    1 m medium…can be same as one of the block colours

Cornerstones.3m your choice

Outside border1.2m of dark fabric…can be same as one of the block colours

Binding: .6m your choice

There is some allowance for uneven cuts and mistakes but you may want to purchase a little bit more…cause it seems that quilters always like more in their stash!

the footprints should be fabric scraps!

The cartoon to the left comes  from Quiltville’s Quips & Snips.

Building a Mystery by Sarah McLachlan

I hope you enjoy this mystery quilt…

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

PS: the music is an mp3 version and needs Quicktime to work.


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One Response to Maple Leaf Quilters presents: “Just an Illusion” Mystery Quilt

  1. Joan says:

    Great Post! Looking forward to working with the other gumshoes! And I can’t wait to see WHO DOES IT! Second interview will take place at my favourite island fabric shop where I will deduce which will be my background fabric.

    Detective Clueosew! :)