Just an Illusion: Step #2

A few of the gumshoes involved in this mystery quilt have adopted names to play along while they quilt. So far we have Inspector Cluesew, Sherlock Hems, Simon Template, Miss Marpole, Hercule SEWiorot, Feed Dog, Inspector Cross Stitch and my personal favourite – Triangle Belden. :)  As a Fringe Fan I’m going to go with my favourite Observer, September. He generally just hangs out around the fringe, observes and lends a hand when needed…just like I’ll be doing.

Step #2 is pretty easy :)  allowing you plenty of time to finish a different project while you are waiting for the third step. PDF removed Jan 31/13

This weeks music selection has the coolest record cover: Magic Carpet Ride (Single) by Steppenwolf. Maybe you could sleuth out what that cover might be and then turn it into an art quilt…Just sayin’

Next clue will be posted on Friday, November 9th.

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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3 Responses to Just an Illusion: Step #2

  1. Joan says:

    Inspector Cluesew here…. I haven’t heard that song in years…… thanks… Love all the gumeshoes adopted names :)

  2. Lorraine Stanley says:

    I am having trouble opening Step 2. Just a blank page comes up.