Scrapping with the Grandsons

There is no better way to start the day than with a full stomach! Sawyer assisted with the making of flapjacks using his great grampa Jack’s recipe. Sawyer loves to cook and he is really interested in the textile arts. He was also in a hurry to get back to using gramma’s sewing machine.

After attending the kid’s sewing day last June & winning first place ribbons for their projects at the Cowichan Fall Fair the boys wanted to have another sewing day. The Remembrance Day long weekend provided the extra day off to do just that. This time it was just the two boys and me working from my sewing studio, The Maple Room.


Ethan decided to make a placemat for his mom's Christmas present. When asked what colours he wanted he said blue. From there we picked out some fabric and that's when he decided he wanted all the colours to represent the seasons in the year. On the design wall he laid out the "seasons" in the correct order. When asked about the border colours he said she needed flowers.

Sawyer would be making his dad's placemat. He said he wanted it to be Jack Frost and then went on to talk about the movie. Hey, he's 5 years old! We decided to use snowman fabric for the backing and that would take care of all the Jack Frosts. His dad loves farming, bacon & eggs, football and hockey and so that was where we began.

The boys have always had access to my sewing room but there are rules as kids see every thing and boys seem to see every thing as a weapon! Sewing scissors are sharp and pointy, rotary cutters are off limits, and you can look at things, touch things but know they are tools and are to be put back where they came from.  Pretty simple rules leading to lots of fun and creativity. The other thing to keep in mind is keeping it simple. Sawyer just wanted to sew and the best thing for him was straight row sewing. Ethan needed a little more challenge to keep him interested and so he got to match seams and use pins.

Since there was only one of me and two of them we had to do some sharing. To sew, the boys sit in front of me and use the foot controls while I guide the fabric through the machine. They use the scissors to cut the leader & enders off. Sawyer sewed two sets of strips together and waited while his brother sewed two sets of squares together. Over to the ironing board there is hand over hand guiding of a hot iron when needed. First Sawyer and then Ethan. In doing things this way they can learn by doing and watching. It was a good system and the boys were able to handle 90 minutes before the strips of batting became weapons. ;)

Sawyer is a quick and interested learner. He is always checking out what’s on my design wall. He listens well and remembers what he is told. I wonder how long before he makes his first big quilt. :)

Ethan learned just how sharp the pointed end of these scissors are and how to pass them to someone else. Life’s little lessons.

The boys marked and quilted their placemats. It was about the 90 minute mark when their attention started to wander. Ethan asked for blue binding and while he played a game I attached the binding using the new modern method.

Sawyer wanted rainbow binding on his placemat but when he saw the green stars on the already made scrappy pieced binding he decided that was what he wanted.

Hopefully we’ll be able to find time on a more regular basis to keep sewing and the creativity flowing. All it takes is a few simple rules, a couple of hours and a scrap bin. I highly recommend “scrapping with a child!”

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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  1. Doris says:

    I hope mommy and daddy don’t see this….lol

  2. Valerie Raye says:

    not too likely…too busy… ;)