Fun with Wedge Rulers

Sometime last summer Joan handed me two of Cheryl Phillips books, Quilts without Corners & Quilts without Corners, Encore plus a 10* wedge ruler and asked me to make a round quilt.

She likes having me as her “piecer” and I like having her and Maybelline do the “quilting.” :)

Our mother had given me a 3m piece of fall leaf fabric that she had received from someone. She’s a knitter/crocheter, not a quilter, so it got handed off to me. I found it to be the perfect piece to use for learning a new technique. I got it pieced and Joan got it quilted. (Any of the men who looked at it thought it was for Christmas but all the women thought it belonged on the table for Thanksgiving…go figure!)

The quilts in the book measure 50″ round and there is a lot of fabric wasted in cutting out the wedges. I decided to do a little math and shrink the pattern down to 25″ and made it fat quarter friendly. In fact the first two I made I just used strips from my scrap bin. Once you’ve decided that you really do like this technique, go ahead and make a big one, you’ll find something to do with those fabric scraps.

Background fabric: 1 fat quarter

Whirligig Fan fabric: 2 fat quarters

Accent fabric (red) and centre: one fat quarter

Binding: 16″ square for continuous bias binding

I recently did a workshop teaching this 25″ round table topper. It didn’t seem to matter what colours were put together to create this pattern, they all looked awesome.

The black, red and white one here was made from my scrap bin. As you can see it’s fans are going in the opposite direction than the other two on this page. It really doesn’t matter, just make sure they are all going in the same direction! The other thing I’ll tell you is to make sure that you are ALWAYS cutting your wedges in the right direction. Have the fattest part of your wedge ruler at the top of your background fabric and you can’t go wrong. If you’d like a pdf pattern for making one of these 25″ quilts just leave a comment and I’ll email it to you.

I found making these quilts addicting. I almost have enough made for Christmas presents and in case you’re wondering the 50″ fall leaf table topper made it back to our mother’s dining room table in time for Thanksgiving.

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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8 Responses to Fun with Wedge Rulers

  1. Doris says:

    I have the Encore book with the wedge tool…I keep pulling it out to try but I’m sad to say that I haven’t yet….!!! I wouldn’t mind the pdf pattern..please and thank you..:)

  2. Jenny Farmer says:

    Hi there
    I love your quilts.
    I have purchased a 10 degree wedge ruler and can’t wait to use it when it arrives.
    I would love a PDF of our pattern

    Thank you.


    • canucksfan says:

      thanks Jenny, the wedge rulers are fun and you’ll find ways to use up a lot of fat quarters and scraps making these. I’ve emailed you the pattern…Valerie Raye

  3. Amrit W-Trenkler says:

    Hi Valerie, I would love a pdf of your pattern.

  4. Carol Weir says:

    Really cool quilts. Im just learning but looks neat.

  5. Denise Camire says:

    Hi Valerie!

    I love these and would love a pdf of the pattern!

    Thanks So Much!


  6. Laura Schimmel says:

    Would you please email the pdf of this pattern.