Just an Illusion: Step #5

As Fringe Inspector September I have been privy to several quilter’s quests to solve the mystery of Just an Illusion. Some of you have figured out what the actual block is but I’ve thrown in an non traditional setting and so give you  Feel It Turn by the Great Big Sea. If you haven’t guessed the name of the blocks then here is another clue from Kenny Rogers The Gambler . Step #4 should have provided you with a block that looks like this.

The block should measure 9 1/2″ giving the block the ability to “float” when set into the lattice strips. Here is the next step in this mystery quilt: removed Jan 31/13. Like I said in the last post my quilt is very Christmasy when it comes to colours and I can’t wait to get it back from Joan.



That should be about the time the pohutakawa flower begins to bloom in New Zealand, just in time for Christmas. I’ve decided to combine steps #6 & #7 making the final instructions available on Friday, December 21st, again, just in time for Christmas! :)

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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One Response to Just an Illusion: Step #5

  1. Joan says:

    Thanks for the Kenny Rogers song! Your quilt is next in line. Maybelline and I will have it ready for you so that you can spend time snuggling beneath it while reminiscing about your 40 glorious days down under! Love you! Merry Christmas!