A Modern quilt: Vanishing

Last summer I got to do one of my favourite things, head out of a harbour on board a boat. The picture to the left is of Neptune Fisheries Ltd in Ucluelet, BC. I spent a decade fishing out of this community and even though much has changed inland, the waterfront & fishing industry has remained very much the same. The biggest change I see is the colour of the fish totes…they used to be grey or white…the newer ones are bright purples and blues.

Last November I wrote about my first attempt at making a modern, improvised quilt.  I’ve never attended a modern quilt guild meeting so am still somewhat unclear as to what “modern” quilting actually means. I still don’t really know if this quilt is considered modern, but it definitely was improvised!

For fabrics I started off with the blue/purple print and then purchased solid purple and blue to go along with some moda fabrics I had in my stash. I know that solids and fabrics reading solid are a big part of modern quilting, along with the use of white. Perhaps the multi coloured fabric is the wrong one to put here, but it was the catalyst for this piece.

After it was pieced the quilt went to Joan along with instructions for the actual quilting. Joan did an awesome job on the entire quilt.






The custom quilting included slanted rays from the sky even though the real sky that day was solid white. The fish totes were cross hatched and the siding double stitched. The trees are amazing and all free handed! But I think my favourite part is the water…it totally looks like water. And I know my water! :)

Another part of the piece was to stitch in a fishboat. I chose the Nina Ellen, a boat built and fished by the Almas family for 23 years. Joan left a triangle space in the water for me and I stitched through all three layers.

The last part was to add the binding and I did so using the new modern way of stitching it on, from back to front and totally on the sewing machine. It’s back at Joan’s for a little more work in the sky and to finish the water around the Nina Ellen.  We are pleased with this first effort although we still don’t yet know if it qualifies as a “modern” quilt. ;)


Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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