The Next Generation: Miss Emily Raye

Last Saturday I stopped by my niece Emily’s apartment to pick up  a quilt & fabric. It was such a nice surprise to see a sewing machine set up on the kitchen table. There was a table top ironing board, iron and a make shift design wall with a partially assembled quilt hanging on it. I like to think I had a hand in her fondness for the sewing machine. ;)  While visiting Powell River in 1996 Emily would be too young to attend a first aid course with her sister and cousins. We decided spending the day making a quilt would be just right. Both my boys had sat on this same stool, at this same sewing machine and sewed patterns on felt from the time they were 4 years old. Emily was the next in line to learn! :)  She picked fabrics from the scrap bin and with the machine set on “slow” she sewed her strips together. She sat in front of  me while we quilted it on the machine. And this wouldn’t be the last time that she made something while visiting Powell River.

While visiting during the PR Blackberry festival we decided we should dye some fabric with blackberry juice and then she made a log cabin pillow.  In 2005 she was part of the test team that sewed blocks for the Welcome to Tyler quilt pattern. She was the youngest by a long shot and the first finished! Over the years, both at home and during school, Emily has done an amazing job sewing garments, pillows, applique work and making quilts.

While finishing her last semester at Vancouver Island University she has undertaken another quilting project. This quilt is a split 9-patch made from flannel. The print is a Manchester United motif (soccer).  Emily’s been attending the university on a 5 year soccer scholarship and will be giving this quilt to one of her coaches.

Like I said, it was such a nice surprise to see the sewing area set up. Emily has graduated to the point where she can work on her own. Everything is still new and neat when she’s working…can’t wait for that next step when she has her own sewing room and it’s as messy as mine can get!

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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  1. Shelley Boden says:

    Well done Emily