Twisted Bargello: It’s Scrappy

Late January I decided to finally get this twisted bargello out of the UFO bin. It had been sitting there haunting me for several years. ;) Since I’ve been trying to do most of my work from my stash, and this was stash, I decided it was finally time. I remember saying yes to my friend Wanda about taking this class. I do not recall ever having seen a sample of what I was doing and definitely was not prepared for class. I knew that I needed 20 fabrics graded from light to dark & back to light again. Okay, got that done. When I got to class I got the handout…should have pre cut each of those colours into  1 1/2″ strips x 4!  Needless to say a good chunk of my day was spent cutting and sewing the 4 strata. I may or may not have done any more work on it before last month…it was a long while ago you know! I do know that when I picked the work up again there were 2 strata left and a 16″ x 52″ piece of sewn bargello.

All I had to work from was the chart at the left. There are 35 rows and I had 16 rows stitched. The rows range in width from 3/4″ to 2 1/2″…but the majority of them are under 1 1/2″ wide! I was really excited to get past the 3/4″ row and on a roll with 2″ strips!

A seam ripper plays a vital roll in making this quilt so I’d encourage anyone wanting to make one to have one with a very sharp point! I loved searching out the rows that required colours from 1-20 and reverse…it makes it easier to NOT resew the wrong colours together. I didn’t really know what I was doing (because I hadn’t seen a sample) when I picked out my colours. My #1 and #2 were very similar in colour and on occasion I would have #20 in place of the #1…not good as it makes a KNOT instead of a TWIST. :)

Pressing is of major importance when doing this quilt.

Once your rows are assembled according to the quilt layout diagram you can repress. If you’ve been precise with your initial cutting and sewing it is actually really easy to assemble this quilt.

I love scrappy quilts and this is definitely one of those! I can count 10 quilts that were made from these fabrics and I’m sure there are a couple that came from Wanda’s stash too! The instructions suggested 3 small borders but I decided on two. The brown border was from Mom’s Tyler quilt. After checking out both my sister’s stashes I had to go fabric shopping for the blue. I’d checked out a couple of fabric shops but nothing jumped out at me. The Calico Cupboard quilt shop literally did…I’d made a wrong turn heading into Saanichton and there it was…and with the right blue fabric too! I’d never been there but now know where it is, right on the way to my son’s house.

It’s now ready to visit Joan and Maybelline! I believe the class was taught using an Australian Patchwork magazine. It is Chris Timmins’ Twisted Bargello pattern and is the wall hanging size of 42″ x 56″.

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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One Response to Twisted Bargello: It’s Scrappy

  1. Joan says:

    OMG that quilt is truly you! Nicely done! One day I hope to get some of my UFO’s complete!

    Congratulations on getting it finished !