March 1st: time to shake it up!

Seems since the start of this year I’ve been on “cruise control.” I thought I had started the new year in full gear, piecing Canuck quilts and working on pieces for the April retreat, but as I look around this studio I see disarray! :) February flew by with not a whole lot to show for it. I do have a list of things to do BUT I’m going to make a left turn, hoping to get truly inspired.

It’s a funny thing how “out of the blue” thoughts, ideas and inpiration do come to you. Several weeks ago I’d been visiting Emily and we got to talking about Anne of Green Gables and how awesome the books and movies were. (Emily has never been indoctrinated into Anne’s realm but she at least knew who we were talking about.) And then there was that scandal recently about some publishing company changing the book cover picture of Anne from a skinny, red haired, freckle faced girl to a buxom blonde! Go figure that one? Not only did they offend followers of Anne but just how disappointed would those readers be that bought the book because they liked the cover? I’ve just finished watching the Anne movies and have the 100th anniversary edtion out and ready to re-read. I feel some insipiration coming on. ;)

The pattern above, Anticipation, was designed by Karen Neary of I purchased it when I was in Charlottetown, PEI in June 2008. It was the perfect time to be there as the Island was celebrating 100 Years of Anne. My travelling partner, Wanda, and I decided the best way to see PEI was to do all things Anne. It was awesome!  We saw both musicals, Anne of Green Gables & Anne and Gilbert. We toured both the fictional places of Anne and the real places of Lucy Maud Montgomery.

I spent some time last week looking through some photos of that trip. There were lots of pictures showing sewing machines, quilts, hooked rugs and such. The sewing room to the left is from Green Gables itself. That treadle sewing machine is amazing, as were the hooked rugs and other antique sewing paraphernalia.

I remember the day we arrived in PEI. We had just driven across the Confederation Bridge and while driving down the highway I spotted the Bargain Fabric Outlet store…it was not really a bargain store as the prices were the same as anywhere else. But the exciting thing was they had Anne fabrics from the Red Hair Anne line by Hanamomen.

Seems I purchased some 1m cuts of Anne Fabrics and some fat quarters along with another pattern. (I’m pretty sure that 2 days later I spent $100 in O’Leary’s quilt store too.)

So, getting back to making a left turn and finding inspiration…I think I should finally do something with my Anne fabrics! And since I purchased a couple of patterns I think I’ll just go ahead and use one of those too! I figure since I purchased the fabrics in June the deadline for completion should be June as well. I was thinking that maybe some of you might just take this as a challenge to get out some of that fabric or a kit that you have had stashed for nigh on 5 years and get it completed by June 22nd. I’ve got 3 fat quarters of Red Hair Anne up for grabs to the first 3 quilters who want to “Shake it Up!” Leave a comment on this post telling me what you’re going to finish and then email your mailing address so I can send out a little piece of Anne. :)

Shakin’ it up with Anne…Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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4 Responses to March 1st: time to shake it up!

  1. Winnie says:

    Hi Valerie, (Hi Joan too!)

    Thank you for posting the fun pictures of PEI. I didn’t even know they made fabric of Anne. I suppose I should have known because they have fabric with every print on it. I would like to “shake” things up by finishing my Indian Summer Quilt. Hope you have new sewing days posted soon. ~Winnie

    • canucksfan says:

      Hi Winnie…I didn’t know about the Anne fabric either but it sure is cute! Can’t wait to see your finished Indian Summer Quilt… Valerie Raye

  2. Ruth McIntosh says:

    Hi … PEI is such a wonderful place … I even dragged my mother to an “Anne of Green Gable ” play in Charlottetown … great memories … anyway I will try to finish my bunny rabbit appliqué quilt that has been sitting on my “must complete” pile for a while …