Trend-Tex Challenge 2013

I’ve managed to get one more “thing” off my to do list. And that was the CQA Trend-Tex Challenge. Joan and Liz are making the trip to Penticton in May to take part in the CQA conference and thought it would be fun to participate in the challenge. I do believe that Liz ordered her kit and asked Joan if she wanted one. Joan’s kit came to me in late January. :)

I had a variety of ideas but never found the time to actually get them down on paper. And anybody who knows me will know that what I put on paper looks nothing like what is in my mind…should have paid more attention in grade 5 art class!! Anyway, back in September while I was enjoying an ice cold beer on the porch of my favourite retreat cabin, I fell in love with my beer label! What a perfectly fun quilt this would be…I peeled it off the bottle, kept it flat in a quilting book and tucked it away for the future. In early March I was rooting through some quilting papers and came across that label. Well, wouldn’t you know that it fit the Trend-Tex challenge to a tee! Sunshine & Vines.

Sure I would have liked the blue fabric to be lighter and I really wasn’t so sure about the brown multi-coloured FQ. For a while I was only able to put in about 20 minutes a day so I knew it was going to be tight as this should have been to the challenge co-ordinator, in Newfoundland, by March 22nd.  :) Good thing I went to the “rules” page to look some things up and found I didn’t qualify for judging or prizes d/t an expired CQA membership. Pressure was off as that meant I just had to get it sent before the conference!!

The rules did say you have to use all 5 FQ’s on the front of the quilt and that you could add 3 others. I added black for the tires, the purple borders and a slightly darker purple for the binding. The red bike was cut out of that brown multi-coloured  FQ. :)

When I have more time I’m going to make another one. I used a variety of threads and techniques, most probably seen as scribbles…lol…and since I am not a “drawing artist” I went totally free hand, hence the wobbly tires! I’m going with the old adage “practice, practice, practice” until I get it right!

“Let’s Take a Ride” on the country side, let’s just get away”… (that’s Justin Timberlake singing.)

Let’s Take a Ride is in the mail! And it will hang in Penticton in May. I hope Joan and Liz take lots of pictures so we can see how the others interpreted Sunshine & Vines.

Happy Quilting….Valerie Raye

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