MLQ’s 2nd Annual Quilt Camp

The 2nd annual MLQ quilt camp was a rousing success. The Friday rainstorm did not dampen anyone’s spirit as they unloaded their vehicles to begin the 3 day camp. As is usual at Edenvale, the atmosphere and friendliness of the staff just adds to the overall experience. Camp started at 1pm Friday and ended at 2pm Sunday…we’ve had serious pressure to add an extra day to next year. I taught two small projects this year. One using the 10* mini wedge ruler and the other making woven tabletoppers.

The age group at this camp varied from 24-74 and experience ranged from “new  to quilting–help me!” to ”been at it for years.” It didn’t matter, all 13 campers visited, laughed, assisted, shared and relaxed throughout the weekend. This is exactly what we wanted when we started out on this adventure and it just keeps getting better. :)

The machines were humming within the hour of arrival. The dinner bell rang before we new it and we sat down to Turkey a la King with asparagus, carrots and beet/avocado and feta cheese salad. Great way to kickstart the evening!

Sometime around 8pm a couple of games of quilter’s bingo called Quilto, started. This year we gave out bags of Jelly Belly jelly beans as daubers (last year Hersey Kisses.) I brought along a quart size jar of buttons just in case those jelly beans didn’t make it through the games…and it seems they were very tasty as some cards became a mixture of buttons and beans!

Lots of prizes were won before we started sewing again…and then it was time for a glass or two of wine. Saturday saw more piecing, trips for supplies, a visit to the 85th Annual Daffodil Festival in Ladner, geo-caching and walks along the beautiful trails on site at Edenvale. We played a few more games of Quilto in the evening, enjoying refreshments and snacks along the way. Kadi is our resident physio and walked us all through stretching exercises to do while quilting as well as the proper ergonomics for using your sewing machine.

The picture above shows the back of the retreat centre. This is where the large work room is. The front of the house is where you will find the bedrooms. It’s definitely my style of building to “retreat” in…comfortable, home-like and  just large enough for a group of 12-15 people to comfortably work, learn, share and socialize.

To view some photos check out the 2013 Quilt Camp album here—>

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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2 Responses to MLQ’s 2nd Annual Quilt Camp

  1. Judyk2310 says:

    This looks like an amazing place to have a quilt retreat. I love love going to retreats as I can just sew away.