Quilting Marathon

This is the 2nd May long weekend that I have spent working on Canuck quilts. It’s amazing how much you can get done when you dedicate 3-4 days working on a project. While Joan was away at the Canadian Quilters Association convention in Penticton I worked on the backings for the quilts. Joan had seen a blog post written about quilting 3-4 quilts at one time.  It is known as the “paper towel roll” technique. It takes time to load each quilt backing, batting and quilt separately. We thought since we had 8 quilt tops to quilt we would try to save a little time by trying this method. I sewed 4 backings together with a 4″ strip between each backing. These were then loaded onto the quilting machine and each quilt and batting were added as each quilt came up for quilting. The “roll” got fairly big as we got near the middle of the 4th quilt…making it at least a king size roll!


The quilt to the left is the third quilt on the roll.  Joan, being the expert, used the hockey player pantograph on the first two quilts. This quilt was quilted using boards and a stylus…both Jackie and I worked this quilt as it was pretty easy to follow the design with the stylus in the groove of the boards.


We used the Modern Twist pantograph for the 4th quilt. This was a little more challenging for Jackie and I as we didn’t have any grooves to keep us “in the lines.” :) There is definitely something to be said about “practice, practice, practice!”

While Joan was quilting hockey players I made the bindings. We loaded the first quilt onto the frame at 11:30 am and all four of them came off at 6:00 pm. We have 4 more quilts to do, two of which will be done using this method and two will get custom treatment.

Check out the I Believe in Blue 2013 album for more photographs…


It’s pretty satisfying when you can say you’ve had some good fun with good friends and accomplished something special at the same time. I can see this becoming a tradition for the May long weekend.

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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