Kindred Spirits

On March 1st I put out a challenge to myself and others to complete a project that had been sitting in the “yet to do” pile; a pile that was getting on in years. I’ve completed my challenge! Twenty six days ahead of schedule! :) :) :) The pattern is Karen Neary’s 2006 “Anticipation.” The Red Hair Anne fabrics were from my 2008 trip out east. I must have purchased the pattern separately from the fabrics because I only had 1m cuts and fat quarters. No worries, I had this lovely soft brown to use in place of the blue in the pattern and with a few adjustments to the pattern I was able to make my 1m cuts work! I found the backing at Fabricana in Richmond last month. It’s perfect as it is simple wildflowers and the pantograph I had quilted on it was Wildflower. (To make pictures bigger just click on top of each picture.)

I made a couple of changes to the pattern, using flowers instead of a bow on the hat. Anne had at one time decorated her hat with wildflowers on her way to church…made Marilla cringe! ;) I also added free flowing tips to the end of the braids as that is how I remember wearing my braids…only with Diana’s raven coloured locks, not Anne’s red. I added some hand made antique lace to the outside of the hat brim. I’d inherited it years ago and found it to be the perfect fit. This was a really fun quilt to make. I love the way the inner border and the blocks blend together…it is something that I have never done in all the quilts that I have made.

Perhaps if the next generation of girls growing up find out about Anne & Diana I just may have to make this quilt again. In the mean time, this quilt is going to a childhood friend of mine who has loved Anne of Green Gables since she was a little girl. She understands about “Kindred Spirits.”

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

Check out what Karen had to say:

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2 Responses to Kindred Spirits

  1. Kate says:

    Your quilt is lovely and I am sure your friend will treasure it. Karen Neary sent me here to look at it, and it was worth the trip.