The 30 Minute Pillow Case

Today was a day to get all those “other” things off my to do list as I get closer and closer to starting a new project! :) ;) :) When my niece Kristy turned 19 and I was just getting back into quilting I decided that I’d make her a quilt to celebrate that milestone. Some years later she comes to me with a quilt in great need of repair…her long eared house rabbit decided to give it a chew or two. Yikes!! That was at least 18 mths ago, maybe longer. At the time I thought I’d make some hexagon flowers and applique them on. Well the damage just didn’t warrant that kind of work. Instead I decided to make some hearts & free draw some flowers and applique them on using free motion applique. Job one done. Last month mom brought me an elderly neighbour’s quilt that had belonged to her mother. There was a small stain on it &  could I applique something to cover the stain. A little heart treatment went onto that quilt too; it was big, it was heavy, it should be kept in the family! Job two done. And then I get to a bag with a note on it from mom: this house coat is too good to throw away, will you make me 2 cushion covers? A velour housecoat…no, I didn’t want to make pillowcases out of it. :) Instead she is getting two new pillowcases. And that brings me to the 30 minute pillow case tutorial.

Fabric required for a standard size pillowcase:

Main body: 28″ x 42″  Cuff: 10″ x 42″  Trim: 2″ x 42″

Lay cuff fabric right side up. Press trim in half and place on top of cuff, raw edges even. Place the top edge of the main body, right side down, on top of the trim/cuff. Pin in place and stitch a scant 1/4″ seam.





Press seam allowance towards the cuff fabric. Trim/square up the  edges if they are not already even.






Roll the main pillowcase fabric from the bottom towards the top of the cuff.

<—- The seam is holding the bottom of the cuff, trim and top of the main pillowcase fabric together.  Make sure the trim and main fabric don’t get caught in the next seam.



Match the raw edges of the bottom of the cuff with the top edge of the cuff. Pin in place and stitch along the original stitching line.




This picture shows you how your main fabric and trim should be rolled into the cuff for stitching.




After the seam is stitched, reach inside one end of the “cuff tube” and gently pull the main fabric out.





The first seam you sewed is now completely encased. Press the inside and outside of the cuff away from the main fabric.





Fold pillowcase with WRONG sides together. Pin and stitch a scant 1/4″ along the long edge and the bottom edge of the pillowcase.




Clip the bottom corner as shown. This will take the bulk away when you make the French seams. Use a point turner to help gently poke the corners out.




Turn pillowcase inside out. Press seams to one side. This will help make you make crisper French finishing seams.





To make a French seam: Using a 3/8″ seam allowance sew along the long & bottom edges, encasing the previous 1/4″ seam.

This picture shows the outside finished seam on the cuff fabric and the finished French seam on the inside of the pillowcase.



And here you have a 30 minute pillowcase!

Hopefully this helps you make some funky and fun pillowcases.


Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye


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  1. Joan says:

    Good idea about not using moms old house coat for pillows !