Delivery Day for Canuck Place Quilts

The 3rd annual quilt campaign for Canuck Place Children’s Hospice is now complete. It was an absolutely glorious summer day…ensuring an awesome drive into Vancouver with all the quilts in Joan’s classic convertible, top down and hair blowing in the wind!  Unlike other years that we’ve been there, there was a hive of activity. The housekeeping staff were all there and anxious to see the quilts…and the volunteers too! :) We had a wonderful visit with the “keepers of the quilts.” We were served cold refreshments while telling the new PR person, Leanne, about the quilts and how they came to be. She loved the story. We took the quilts outside to the west patio where we unveiled the quilts one at a time…it took quite awhile as each quilt needed to be inspected, appreciated and admired.

They were telling us about how they loved watching families look through the piles of quilts and can see when one quilt makes such an impact that it instantly finds a new home. These ladies wanted us to know how much they appreciated the work that went into making these quilts & how they are loved by those who use them. Leanne then asked how much time went into each quilt. We looked at each other, then shrugged. They wanted a ball park figure  and we suggested maybe 10 hours…they didn’t believe us…after stopping to look at them more closely, we agreed that maybe some of them were up to 15 hours. Maybe some of you who made a quilt will let us know what you think and we’ll be better able to answer next time we’re asked. :) After the group photo was taken and we stood in front of the stack of 16 folded quilts for another photo, we were asked if we were ready to give them up. We assured them we were, but they were not! Instead of taking them to the laundry area they went into the family room so they could spend some more time discovering the different things on the quilts. There is no doubt that these ladies understood the value of a quilt, it’s comforting qualities and the uniqueness of what these “I Believe In Blue” quilts are.

ALL TIME POINTS LEADER: Quilter: Patricia Rose

HALF SEASON: Sponsored by the Hoffman Family, Quilters: Doris Beckthold with Lindsay and Ethan

BELIEVE: Quilters: Doris Beckthold & Alexi Beckthold

WATCH OUT FOR FLYING PUCKS: Quilter: Juli Bartholet

CORY SCHNEIDER: Quilter: Ruth McIntosh

MAX LAPIERRE: Quilter: Liz Tuis

BLUE & GREEN FOREVER: Sponsored by Denise Jury, quilters MLQ

I LOVE FIN: Quilter: Wanda Shortridge

WE ARE ALL CANUCKS: Quilter: Lynn White

#8 CHRIS TANEV: Quilter: Jackie Hatfield

#3 KEVIN BIEKSA: Quilter: Lorraine Stanley

CORY FOREVER: Quilters: Angela Almas Bell & Valerie Almas

#27 FACE OFF SPECIALIST: Sponsored by Sean Almas, quilters MLQ

BIEKSA’S BUDDIES: Sponsored by Judy & James, quilters MLQ

LUONGO IS #1: Sponsored by Mickey Daniels, quilters MLQ


You can access all the quilt campaign photos on our MLQ facebook page through the website: Look for the album “I Believe in Blue 2013.”

Thanks again to all quilters and sponsors that helped make this campaign such a great success. The staff and patients at Canuck Place eagerly await the 2014 versions!

Happy Quilting….Valerie Raye

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