Finding the Groove–thank you September

I’m continuing to work on small projects to get those creative juices flowing. Before I moved back to Nanaimo I made a concerted effort to organize what fabrics I had and file them in some kind of workable fashion. There are small zipper bags of projects that need only a little time to be completed. One drawer is full of childrens fabrics for I spy quilts. I found a small pack of 2 1/2″ squares that came with the 5 Funky Monkeys pattern and decided that they would make a cute baby bib…and they do. I have another great nephew and he’s getting a couple of sock monkey bibs! :) The pattern itself dates back to 1985 when I was making bibs for my sons.

As I’m working out how to place the I spy Squares in this new Split 9-patch pattern, I decided to make his big brother and sister each a placemat. These things can be addicting and very easy to do.

I’ve also found a few half used packages of charm squares that I don’t remember purchasing. :)

I have this really cute Button Bag pattern that uses 18 charm squares and it’s the perfect thing to use up those squares. I might actually be getting an early start on Christmas presents. It’s been great to see these little things come together…and it’s clearing the way for bigger projects that I want to start…like the Endless Chain quilt that is waiting in the wings.

The first small project that I did complete was this very cute little yoyo puppy made from charm squares too. I’d had all the yoyos done but never got around to making his head and assembling him. I’m so glad I did as he is the most adorable. ;) When I was in Sisters, Oregon in 2010 I found a Yoyo Monkey pattern and had started it as well…it is now sitting by my chair and I’m hoping to have him completed by the end of the month.

The other project that will get quilted today is a charm quilt. It was meant to be a 24″ square table topper. The pattern is from a 2000 Better Homes & Garden magazine called My Thimble Collection. The pattern template was long gone and the instructions didn’t say how big the “thimbles” should be. I decided to make them 3″ and started cutting and saving the 210 pieces required to make this a bona fide “charm quilt.” Well as I was assembling it I’m thinking this is very cute but it’s not very square. :D But the awesome thing is that it is exactly the right size for my drop leaf kitchen table! So today it will get completed and another one is off the “to do” pile and ready for me to enjoy.

As we hit the middle of September I think it’s safe to say that I’ve found my “Let’s Get Moving” gear! The big treat is about to arrive when I head for Point Robert’s on September 27th for our 11th annual quilt retreat! Thank you September.

Happy Quilting everyone…Valerie Raye

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