Traditional Charm Quilt

My Thimble Collection. This is a traditional charm quilt featuring a repetitive block pattern (thimble) that never repeats the same fabric twice.  The pattern is from a Better Homes & Garden magazine dating back to February 2000.  There was also an interesting article on the history of thimbles…I just happen to have 66 collectible thimbles :)

The quilt was to measure 24″ square…this one is 32″ x 45.” The original pattern called for 2″ squares that would then be cut into a “thimble” shape. Apparently I didn’t agree with that size and decided to make my thimbles 3″ instead. There are 105 light and 105 dark fabrics in this charm quilt.  At the end of each row is a dark green thimble that gets cut in half to give a straight edge to the quilt. The borders are 4 1/2″ wide and it just happens to fit perfectly on top of my antique drop leaf kitchen table.

I spent last winter cleaning out my scrap bin and cutting fabrics for this quilt. After deciding to use a 3″ thimble it was pretty easy cutting. I used the Easy Dresden ruler to cut my thimbles.  You could make them whichever size you like as this is an 8″ ruler.

Another traditional charm quilt is the Postage Stamp quilt using 1″ squares. I’ve only ever seen one of these made and I’m thinking it took Jessie many years to make it. Today it seems that modern quilters are using 2 1/2″ squares instead. If you like scrappy quilts, and I really do, it can be alot of fun sewing down memory lane as each row starts to come together. I’ve included a link to the history of charm quilts…

and a blog where you can check out how to make a postage stamp quilt… Hope this inspires you to try one of these projects…it doesn’t have to be big to be fun!

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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