The Mile-a-Minute Quilt

In May/June 2013 I started making sample blocks for a class on the Mile-a-Minute quilting technique. I’d originally planned on making a couple of blocks but as I started working through my special stash of scrap fabrics I couldn’t stop and ended up making forty eight 9 1/2″ blocks! :D Needless to say this technique is very addicting and so easy to do. A great stash buster too.

The picture to the right brings back memories of more than 20 people and the quilts/clothing I’ve made for each of them over the years. The red with blue flowers is  daughter Angela’s dress from 1982 and the lime green is from pants made for sons Sean and Ryan, 1990.  Every time I see Anne in the centre I remember my good friend Kathy and the Kindred Spirits quilt that I made for her.

I chose to sew each of the blocks together rather than sew lattice between each block. There is no border…just 48 blocks. Joan chose the Baptist Fan quilt motif, a design that lends itself very well to scrappy quilts. I decided that I’d like a wool batting in this quilt, giving it a lovely loft. It has been bound with pieces of binding from the binding scrap bag. Both Sean’s & Ryan’s grad quilts are now part of Valerie Raye’s I Spy quilt :)

When I was working at Free Spirit, a day program for seniors, I found this to be an easy and fun way to make a quilt.  We must have made 6 and every one of them were beautiful. Depending on the scrap bag you can actually get different “colour” looks. One we made was very red and others very blue. If you happen to have a youngster looking to learn how to quilt I would recommend this as a fun and easy way to start.

I confess, I love scrap quilts the best of all quilts. ;)

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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