36 Days Later

Yes, it’s been 36 days since I wrote my last post! I’ve spent lots of time on the blog deleting spam comments, hundreds & hundreds of them, but otherwise I’ve had writer’s and quilter’s block. Here’s hoping the blocks are shrinking. :D

The photo to the left was taken about 4 years ago from my front porch on Maple Avenue. Since February 2013 the colour pink has been front and centre in my daily life with October being the month when that is all you see.  I was really happy that I could see lots of blue & green in October too! Go Canucks Go!!

At our last sewing day, October 19, 10 Breast Cancer pillow kits were supplied to anyone who wanted to make one. These pillows were made from the pattern supplied by The Quilter’s Connection via the Westshore Quilter’s Guild in Victoria. A pillow is made and inserted into a pillow pocket with straps. The straps go over the shoulder, keeping the pillow in place without having to actually hold it there. Breast Cancer Pillow pattern. They are quick and easy to do and I know they will be appreciated by anyone who needs to use one.  The pillows have been dropped off at the Canadian Cancer Society in Nanaimo, BC.  Thanks again to the ladies who completed and delivered those pillows.

Our usual place to gather was unavailable this day so we booked in at the Fisherman’s Hall in Ladner. There was lots of room, light and of course a wonderful lunch consisting of Chicken Noodle soup, apple/cheese sandwiches and double chocolate cake for dessert. At our last sewing day in June, several quilters were working on Mile-a-Minute blocks. It was great seeing the flimsies.  I loved hearing some of these quilters, who are definitely the “co-ordinated fabric” type of quilters, say how much they loved these quilts. They were picking out pieces of fabrics that they had used in other quilts, saying this is a ”memory” quilt. :D

The next sewing day is back at Chesapeake Landing on November 16. Joan will be flying solo that day as I have started a new job. I’ll be back at it for our December 14th sewing day.

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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