MQX 2013: 2nd Place Ribbon

In November 2012 Joan and I attempted to enter a quilt into the 1st Modern Quilt Show in Houston, Texas. We were not successful. We paid our $30 to enter “Vanishing” and were rejected. Fair enough, not every quilt will be accepted. But there was no explanation, no reason why it didn’t fit the bill. It makes you think twice before sending in more money.

In early August 2013 Joan decided that she would give it another go, this time to the Machine Quilters Exhibition Quilt Festival (MQX) in Portland, Oregon. Mystery Brew was entered into the “edge to edge, hand guided” category for “stand up” quilter. Sit down and Rookie were the other two sub categories in Edge to Edge quilting.

Time seems to go by really slow while you await the “yes or no your quilt has been accepted” email…like about 4 weeks! On September 5th the first hurdle was accomplished by having the quilt accepted into the show! :D :D

Mystery Brew is Joan’s creation from MLQ’s 2012 online mystery quilt. Using beer themed fabrics she decided it needed a beer themed pantograph. She downloaded a frosty, froth topped mug  and created an edge to edge pantograph. There are approximately 230 frosty mugs on this quilt. That’s a lot of repitition!

Joan then got an email from the judges telling her that it was “normal” to bite your finger nails while waiting to hear if you won a ribbon. Just prior to the MQX she received another email stating that she had indeed won a ribbon but they weren’t telling what it was. That’s a really big tease! After the MQX banquet prior to the show opening she received another email stating she had won a 2nd place ribbon!!

Here she is, the proud owner of a 2nd place ribbon. Joan laughs when she looks at her marks from the judges. Her lowest marks came in the piecing department but I think 7/10 ain’t bad! Her favourite part of the quilting process is just that, the quilting. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 2 years since she got Maybelline. I’m wondering if she knows how many quilts she has put through? Here is what a judges score sheet looks like: Judging Sheet

Congratulations on your ribbon and all the hard work that goes into running a hand guided quilting machine!

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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