Now That it’s December…

Procrastination…I seem to have developed an enormously large case of it! :D :D :D

It might have something to do with watching my favourite team play hockey…but I’m inclined to believe it’s the fact that I don’t have deadlines to work to anymore.  But it’s now December and I’d best get busy with some sewing for the holidays. I’ve noticed that potholders in various households are in great need of replacing, mine included.

These 8″ round potholders were made from my Twisted Bargello strata. I just cut and sewed the strata into a simple bargello pattern and used an 8″ side plate to make them round. I like to use Insul-Bright (a needle-punched insulating material) plus a layer of 80/20 cotton batting. You need to use bias binding on these round mats.     A 10 1/2″ square will make enough binding for one mat if you are planing on using scraps for your project. Remember this is a potholder and it will get dirty and burned! :) Here is a pattern for an oven mitt plus instructions for using the Insul-Bright material. Also attached is another idea for round pot holders I think I’m going to try some of these.

Orphan blocks work well too. These were     6 1/2″ blocks and I added a 2″ border to make them 8 1/2″ potholders. Remember you can use your leftover binding and I was lucky enough to have a couple of metres of black on hand.

Earlier this month while working on a round 10* mini wedge quilt I happened to create some “oops” wedges. These went into the scrap bin and have now been turned into a potholder. :)

The strips for the strata are 3″, 2″ and 1″. Turns out I decided to throw in one  2 1/4″ strip…it did not work! For this hot mat the wedges are sewn together alternating wide end to narrow end. I’ve attached the pdf from for what the wedges really make.   mini_ten_table_topper_


Another kitchen item that is easy to make is the microwave potato bag. My son’s bag caught on fire in the microwave, necessitating the need for a new one. He used the bag in one microwave for months and then to a different, smaller one. If you are going to make these, make sure that the bag fits INSIDE the glass plate so that the turntable can turn without obstruction. Here is the pdf from Warm & Tater. MicrowaveBakedPotatoBags


Well, I guess I’d better get back at it…maybe an apron or two as well?

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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