Holiday Greeting Postcards

Last week Fons & Porter published a free online pattern for making holiday greeting cards. They were made using card stock, fabric and buttons.  Greeting_cards pdf.

I thought the snowmen were really cute but the cardmaker in the family is not me! :D       I decided that I would make them into postcards using scraps of fabric, timtex fusible and tear-away-interfacing.

I work with postcard sizes, 4″ x 6″. Use fusible web and scraps of fabrics to make the snowmen. You can stitch all the pieces on separately, using matching thread or all at once using one colour. I tried it using light thread for the snowman’s body and gold for the rest of the applique. In the end I went with one colour thread.

Fuse the snowman to the background fabric and then to the timtex fusible interfacing. I leave the last layer until all the stitching is done so as not to have stitching all over the back of the postcard where I want to write. Don’t forget to use a teflon pressing sheet as timtex is a two sided fusible! I also chose to use fabric instead of buttons because these are going “naked” through the mail and I wouldn’t want to damage anything! Once you have all layers fused together use your favourite overcast stitch and finish the edges. Stamps stick really well to the tear-away-interfacing and it’s easy to write on too. Below is a card from the cardmaker in the family…

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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