Still Got Hexies?

Over the last few months I’ve worked on finishing up all my hand piecing projects. These projects were made from yoyos and now it’s on to the hexagons. I can’t believe how much time has actually passed since the last time I made any hexagons…I posted about them in February 2012 and I haven’t made one since! :D

Last Friday I found myself riding a BC Ferry  without my i-Pod or anything to stitch! Would have been the perfect time to work on hexie flowers. I did have my book, The Persian Pickle Club, with me but it was still a rather long and noisy sailing. The face in the middle of the red hexie is Millicent Judd, aka Millie, a central character in the book. Did you know that a movie about this book is being made? Takes place in Kansas in the “dirty thirties.” Should be a fun movie to see.

Back to the hexagons—I saw this picture of a wonderful hexagon flower quilt that was posted  on facebook. It certainly sparked something in me!  :D :D :D When reading the post I wondered why on earth the postage would be so much and discovered that the quilter is from England and mailed the quilt to Angela Walters in the U.S. to get quilted…that would explain the cost!

Sisters, Sisters blogspot is where I originally saw the picture. Here they go on to describe how they make and organize hexagons.

And here you will find the quilter and the story of her amazing quilt.

I prefer to cut 2 1/2″ squares and trim after I’ve sewn them onto the template. I also prefer to use plastic templates called the Original Quilt Patis.  These flowers still have the plastic templates in them. Once the flowers are sewn together you just pop the template out and reuse them. I have about 100 of them so I can’t get too far behind in sewing the flowers together or I’ll run out! You can purchase them here.

I’ll keep you posted as to how I’m coming along with these flowers and I know at least 4 others out there that have hexies floating around…let’s get to it!

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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