Baby Quilts

Every baby and their mother needs one.     The first one I made I collaborated with my grandmother as we were both learning to quilt. It was red & green, hand & machine pieced along with some applique.  It was then (rather sparingly) hand quilted.  The next two were whole cloth and hand quilted (lots more quilting this time.) It was many years later that I finally made another one using fabric that had been purchased in California 16 years earlier. It was really cute, lots of teddy bears. I designed this using what fabrics that I had on hand and machine quilted it for my niece Tara and her son Carlin.

Star Light, Star Bright (to the left) is from a 2001 McCall’s quilting magazine.  Natasha and Zach were the recipients of my 5th baby quilt.

The next two I collaborated on with Joan. They were ”I Spy” quilts for two of our other neices. For the first one we used all the primary colours for the triangle star points. The one to the left was all yellow plus we added pictures of Addison’s mom and dad. I Spy quilts are fun to make. It’s amazing how many fun fabrics are out there and unknowingly in our stashes. These first two I Spies were made using the Hexagon Star rulers and cutting out 170 different fabrics! Labour intensive but done with love. :D It is crib sized, 40 x 60.

My grandsons were the next recipients. Sawyer got an easy I Spy, all squares this time plus a picture of his grandmother…I Spy Grandma…this one was a typical baby quilt size, 42″ square and another collaboration, this time with Margaret and Larry.  Ethan on the other hand received a very large baby quilt. It was made with 12″ pinwheel squares using up all the flannel scraps from the clothing I’d made for his uncles and cousins.  He’s nearly 9 yrs old and can still use it! :D

Since September I’ve made 3 baby quilts. The first in Canuck colours for an avid fan (they even called the baby “Linden”.)

These next two are really easy to do using the split 9-patch. It only requires 88 different I Spy fabrics making it a lot faster to cut out and assemble. Find the instructions here: Both have been long arm quilted and are full crib size.

If you are planning on making any of these I Spy quilts I would recommend starting a stash. For the Split 9-patch you need 4″ squares. If you go with the Hexagon Stars you will need to start with 5″ squares. I’ve got a tin started and add to the tin everytime I find a great I Spy fabric. Before you know it you’ll have enough squares to assemble a quilt.

A happy Carlin snuggled in his baby quilt! Hard to believe he’ll be 12 this year.

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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