BOM 1st Block: the Maple Star

Each BOM will be posted for the first 10 days of the month.

13″ Maple Star block…the scrappy version

Enjoy your first BOM from Maple Leaf Quilters, Valerie & Joan

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6 Responses to BOM 1st Block: the Maple Star

  1. Rita Papworth says:

    This sounds like a fun project please count me in.
    Many thanks

  2. doris b. says:

    After reading through all the instructions and looking at the blocks posted I have 2 questions:
    #1 – To get the twisty type effect as shown in the possible layout picture do we have to make half our blocks twisting left and the other half twisting right..??
    #2 – Do we actually lose the points of the triangle twists..??

    • canucksfan says:

      If you follow the layout posted you will need 5 twisting right and 4 twisting left…you could also do 4 right and 5 left. When squaring up the blocks after sewing on your 4 triangles you will lose the points. The triangles are longer than the block to give you ease of squaring up. Hope this helps.

  3. Sharron Sansbury Rose says:

    My first square is done, it measures 13 x 12.75. I always seem to loose a little bit one way, Any suggestions? My 6.5 square was perfect. I did learn to spray starch my fat quarter before cutting and not just the strip.