Early February Musings

Time: it seems to just fly by these days. Days go by before I get to my sewing machine and the last few times it’s been for mending…shorten some pants, stitch up that hole and replace those broken stitches. Good thing I don’t mind mending. :D In January I did manage to complete two baby quilts before the both babies were born! Might be a record for me. The one to the left was made using the split 9-patch that I have been using for the last few I Spy Quilts. The Fairies fabric was perfect for fussy cutting, their skirts are flower petals and they are delightful. I’ve had the flannel used in the backing for several years waiting for the right baby to come along. The right baby for this quilt is my newest great niece, Maisy Lynn.

I’ve got 16 hexagon flowers made and 5 sewn together.  Using the plastic templates to make the hexies keeps me on task for sewing them together because I only have 107 templates…that’s 15 flowers before I run out. My original plan was to use just red and green and work from my stash but it seems that my stash is growing smaller :D and I needed to branch out. It appears that it’s going to be like so many of my other quilts, Scrappy! The latest addition was blue from my Endless Chain quilt-a-long blocks…after cutting the 2 1/2″ strips for the chain I am left with the perfect size scrap for a hexie!

And speaking of Endless Chain, I do have 8 blocks sewn together. I have several foundations cut along with the pieces needed for a complete block. This makes it easy to just grab a stack when I have a few minutes. The 4 separate sections are easy to piece using the templates.

Sewing all four sections together is a little bit more challenging as there is considerable bulk in the centre. I sew two sections together and then cut out the extra fabric without cutting into the seam. I also find pressing these seams open helps eliminate some of the bulk. There are a lot more points to match than the centre! As you can see by the white in the picture to the left…depending on which way the matching seams lie you may or may not get a “nesting” seam. I guess practice makes perfect. :)

Before sewing each section together I have been removing the tear-away foundation and then using spray starch as once each section is trimmed you have bias edges. It’s time to go and grab another stack…

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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