Go Canada Go!

I can’t believe that it has been 4 years since we had a spectacular front seat to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. For me 2010 was an exceptionally great year…and I wanted to capture it to last in a quilt. I put the challenge out to the Neighbours in the Hood to design and quilt their favourite memory of 2010. Here are the memories that Joan and I chose.

For me it was the entire month of February. The month was full of fun, laughter and inspiration, all of it surrounding the 2010 Olympics. I decided to use photo transfer to capture moments with family and favourite venues. I started by printing off 4″ x 5″ pictures. I also knew that I wanted to design a maple leaf using a variety of reds. With the size of the pictures being what they were I ended up with a double size quilt!  (Next challenge I will remember to include a size limit!) With all the white space in the background I decided that I should create the 14 gold medals and hand stitch the discipline symbol inside each one. Confession time…I still have 10 medals to stitch!!! I think I’ll do that while taking in these 2014 olympics. “With Glowing Hearts” was a catch phrase used throughout the games. The song, I Believe, was an outstanding anthem to our athletes by Nikki Yanofsky and of course we heard O Canada played for 14 gold medals and sung spontaneously in the streets and on the Canada Line/Sky Trains.

Joan was much smarter…she used the size of the Province newspaper to capture her favourite memory. Joan has always been a fan of Amazing Race on television and was pretty happy when The Globe & Mail had an Amazing Race Vancouver. Each morning the Globe & Mail published a partial picture of something downtown and you were to race to that spot with their newspaper to win tickets to an olympic sporting event. Joan’s daughters played the game one day and won tickets to see a hockey game in a suite at Canada Hockey House. Joan and I played another day and won 4 more tickets to see Team Switzerland vs Team USA! It truly was fun searching out the piece of sidewalk that was the picture of the day! Click on the picture for a larger view.

Both Joan and I have been inspired by the colours of the Sochi Games. Indeed everything looks like a quilt of many colours. We think it’s time to issue another challenge: What will you make using these colours? Make your challenge quilt no larger than 96″ in diameter and send us a picture when you’re done!

Check out the story behind the Sochi Olympic quilt. It’s pretty amazing all the traditional crafts that went into the design.  http://www.graphicart-news.com/the-olympic-patchwork-quilt-sochi-2014/

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye…Go Canada Go!!

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