2014 Quilts for Canuck Place

The campaign for quilts for Canuck Place Children’s Hospice is about to get started! I can’t believe that this will be our 4th year and that we have already donated 51 quilts to the hospice.

The Game Day quilt was made for the Gift of Time Gala in October 2013. This was going to be the original design for the 2014 quilts but as I was assembling it I realized it was a lot more work than I would want to put the quilters through…too many points to match with lots of bulk in the seams.


The person who purchased the gift certificate from the Gala is a huge fan of the Canucks and wanted a Canuck coloured quilt. She said she was in a bidding war for the Game Day quilt but was out bid! Glad to hear they had fun bidding on our quilts while helping raise money for the hospice at the same time. This one will be our 2014 quilt design. I made a change to the primary block and it basically took away all the point matching. Still some points to be matched in the secondary blocks but the quilters are all pros at this block by now…and we still get the “rink” effect!

Pretty amazing how the Sochi medals have continued the quilting motifs over to their medals. They look pretty spectacular. And it’s pretty cool how Hoffman Fabrics are putting together a line of fabrics and a pattern to replicate the Sochi Quilt. Check it out at the link below.

And now that 2 weeks of watching both our national hockey teams play and win gold for their country it’s time to get back to quilting!


Nothing I love more than the blue & green except for our country’s red & white! :D

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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2 Responses to 2014 Quilts for Canuck Place

  1. Monika Bakker says:

    Is it possible to buy the pattern and fabric for the Canuck quilt or make a donation for it? My grown son and his little boy are huge fans of the canucks . We have also spent time at Children’s. Thanks for your time.