Making Memories

My last trip home from Tsawwassen  saw me with a carry on suitcase full of baby clothes. Really cute and tiny they were! :D Saving all the baby clothes seems to be the way of new mothers…they’re being kept in storage taking up room in closets and basements.

I have cut squares from each piece of clothing and will be making them into a quilt. In todays modern world this is called “Up Cycling.” The first few cuts were painful as there was so much waste…and yes, the mother who gave me these clothes realizes there is a lot of waste but they would otherwise still be in boxes in storage…certainly better to be in a quilt than a box!

As you may remember baby clothes are quite small and some of the logos on the clothing vary in size. I chose to cut 4″ squares because the majority of the pieces worked well with this size. The oversize logos were cut in such a way that you knew what you were looking at. I also kept some fancy labels and embellishments to go on the plain squares. I cut two squares from each piece of clothing, one with a logo and the other plain. No two squares are alike…some clothes or blankets have more than one motif/logo and you can cut a few different squares from each piece.

The majority of baby clothes are made from knit fabrics and require stabilizing so they won’t stretch. I chose to cut the squares first and then stabilize. Joan made the quilt to the right and chose to stabilize and then cut.

This baby quilt is crib size and is in the same layout as we have been using for I Spy quilts…it is definitely an I Spy with special memories. This is a little boys quilt and the one I’m working on will be decidedly pink with a few ruffles. This is such a neat and tidy way to save baby clothes.

I have a wonderful children’s book “Oma’s Quilt” by Paulette Bourgeois and Stephane Jorisch. Here’s an excerpt from the book. “Oma’s special things are packed away and stored in our basement. There are boxes and boxes because Oma never throws anything away. She keeps Opa’s workshirts and her olden-day dresses. She saves ribbons and lace, curtains and bedspreads.” After Oma moves from her home on Maple Street to a retirement home her daughter and grandaughter make her a quilt from her special things…this book is enough to make you smile all day.  :) :) :)

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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2 Responses to Making Memories

  1. Doris Beckthold says:

    I too have that book….one of my favourites. I could be that Oma…many things in common….I am an Oma….I collect things and I also live on a Maple street….