T-Shirt Quilts Part 2

Since we are having a t-shirt quilt workshop on May 10th I thought I’d best dig out my t-shirts and fusible interfacing. It’s amazing how fast my garbage can grew to over flowing, especially since I’d even precut the t-shirts! I don’t usually throw my scraps on the floor (then I’d have to vaccuum) but I was on a roll with fusing and cutting. In with the t-shirts were 4 different types of fusible interfacing and I quickly discovered that I preferred the cotton back woven to the others. What I liked about them was how light and flexible it was compared to the non-woven after it was fused onto the t-shirt. Unfortunately I purchased these long ago and didn’t keep anything that would tell me which was which. I’ve kept some small samples and will be on the look out for more of the same. Below is a blog that discusses the differences in some of the popular interfacings. http://www.dogundermydesk.com/2011/04/fusible-interfacing/

I don’t use a pattern when I’m working on t-shirt quilts. I cut the t-shirts to the size that I want or that looks good and place them on the design wall. The filler blocks are pieces of the t-shirts. There is lots of time spent moving pieces around and more cutting before I actually start to sew. I try to leave enough room around the logo that enables me to cut it down if I need too.



I prefer to work in rows from top to bottom. I start with the biggest logo and work from there adding filler pieces as needed. This quilt uses 24 t-shirts and are a variety weights.

I like to press my seams open to reduce the bulk. There are 4 rows in this quilt. Once I’ve completed each row I measure to make sure they are the same length from top to bottom. It doesn’t matter if the rows are different widths. I use my 1/4″ foot to piece the rows but when I join the rows I use my walking foot.

Once the rows were stitched I wanted to add some length. I made a top and bottom border using the leftover pieces of the tshirts.

Deciding how big you want your quilt and what you are going to do with it will help you decide how many t-shirts to use. Another thing to look for is a theme with the t-shirts. Is there a colour predominance? Scouting? Sailing? If I had to pick a theme for this quilt it would have to be “VR’s Excellent Adventures.” :D   I took most of my Canuck t-shirts out of the mix as I didn’t want this quilt to be too big. It measures 53″ x 60″ and will be used as my car/beach quilt.

If you have a bag of t-shirts and want to join us on our May 10th sewing day at Chesapeake Landing you can contact us at mapleleafquilters@gmail.com.

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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