Two Very Cute Quilts

These last two quilts have been a delight to work on…checking out all the little girl baby clothes was so much fun. The first of these quilts had more variety in both texture and colour. There were more fleece items making for bulkier blocks and more work when pairing them with 100% cotton fabrics. For this quilt we chose the darker of the teal greens.

The 4″ squares here—–> have turned into this delightful quilt over <—–there. :D

The second quilt was made using mostly t-shirt weight fabrics making it much easier to pair and press with the cotton. We chose the lighter teal green for this quilt as the bulk of these items were pink. It is a very soft, girly quilt. As with the first quilt I kept labels and bows and appliqued them onto solid colour blocks.

Both quilts have a couple of 3 dimensional blocks as I cut patches from the ruffles. Before attaching the fusible interfacing to each piece remove any extra fabric bulk. And many appliqued pieces also have fusible tricot interfacing added to the back and will just add more bulk and stiffness if not first removed.

Both quilts are backed with the same flannel fabric, a perfect match for these two delightful I Spy Memory quilts.

As much fun as it’s been to play with baby clothes it’s time to get busy on MLQ’s 3rd Annual Quilt Camp. (Not to mention the 2 Canuck quilts I have left to piece.) There will be two projects offered this year: a simple table topper inspired by and bag from the Robert Kaufmann website.  CargoDufflePattern-Noodlehead2014

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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