Quilt Labels–do you?

Labelling quilts is one of those things that we should do especially if we are giving it to somebody. When I first started quilting I was told labelling a quilt made it a completed project, guess I still have a few UFO’s! I think that if I have actually given a quilt a name then it’s easier for me to get into labelling it. The label to the left was fun to make. I free motion appliqued the maple leaf to a left over patch from the front of the quilt and then hand stitched it to the back. I used native fabrics in this quilt, we live on the Salish Sea and the quilt pattern is Twilight: :D The Twilight by the Salish Sea label is 5″ x 7.”

This label is awesome as it tells me a story of my 50th birthday surprise party. Doris created this quilt and label using the red hat theme of Phenomenal Friends. (A house in a neighbourhood surrounded by phenomenal friends and white picket fence.) Not only does this label capture the day but the front has signatures of all the guests…my birthday guest book as you will. This label is 4″ square and has been hand written using a fine point felt pen.


This Tyler Revisited label has been hanging around for a long time! When Joan and I decided to publish the Tyler pattern we were still going by Sarah Ellen Designs :D (I’ve just pulled it out and my extra project for the day is to sew it to the quilt!) I discovered that I really like printing labels on fabric using my computer & printer. It’s neater and lets you write a story. This label is 6″ x 3.”

These two labels are fairly large. My quilt for this challenge was made using photographs. This photo of Larry, Patsy and I was taken in Powell River where we got to watch the Olympic Torch arrive at the complex. It was the beginning of my favourite memory, February, and I wanted it included on my quilt. Labels can get too big for a quilt but since this is a very large quilt this 7″ x 9″ label looks okay. Tyler Wisconsin is another one made using the computer and allows for clear printing of everyone involved in the making of this quilt. Joan and I held a one day workshop in Powell River and had everyone involved make a block, testing the Welcome to Tyler Pattern.  I framed the labels with fabrics from the quilts.

In 2011 when we looked at making labels for the Canuck Place Children’s Hospice quilts we thought we could machine embroider them. Joan made four before we moved into printing them off the computer.  They took far too long and were 7 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ in size. They look awesome but when you’re making 16 quilt labels you need to be reasonable.

I hand stitched all the labels on this year and in 2012. In 2013 we printed on fabric sheets and machine stitched the labels on.

If a quilter has named her quilt we use that name, add the sponsor/quilter and I Believe in Blue 2013/2014 etc. Using a word document I create a page of labels and then print them on fabric sheets. These are then machine stitched onto the quilt. They are no bigger than a business card and look great.

In 2005 I purchased this Anne with Wash pattern and included with it is a label that states it must be sewn onto the quilt should it be for sale or display…without this label it will be considered in breach of copyright… ‘Anne of Green Gables’ is a trademark…and is used under license by Joan F. Kays.

I haven’t actually made this wall hanging but it looks like I will be hand quilting it according to the label. :D

So, do you name and label your quilts? I have to admit that I’ve recently sent out a few baby quilts that are not labelled. I wonder if anyone will notice :D The quilt label at the top is attached to a wedding quilt and it just felt right to make sure it was labelled to commemorate this beautiful day. I also chose to set the label askew instead of the traditional squared to the bound edge. My friend Ruth chooses to hand embroider her info onto the binding itself, keeping it small and inconspicuous.

I’ve included a couple of links to blogs/websites that have some pretty interesting labels.




Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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