Canadian Quilt Talk postcard swap

Late night on June 5th I came across this postcard swap. Unfortunately the deadline to sign up was June 5th so I couldn’t get the link out to share with everyone. Brandy Lynn Maslowski is the host of Canadian Quilt Talk and organized this exchange.

Monica Kinner-Whalen helped get the word out and did a tutorial on how to make postcards. Checkout the link on her website for Canada day postcard swap at for the tutorial.

While at Edenvale quilt camp last week I made 2 postcards using a Janome Gem and the limited supplies that I took with me. I added the heart border to this one yesterday using my Janome Horizon 8900.

Yesterday, my first day off in days :)  and days :) , I was up early and got inspired to make 2 more.

I’d received the mailing addresses to my two pen-pals, one in Ontario and the other in Brazil. We then exchanged emails with each other to make sure the addresses were correct and to let the recipient know when the postcard would be mailed. My counterpart in Brazil emailed to say that the post offices were closed due to Brazil playing in the world cup! That is so awesome, a country so crazy for soccer that they shut down to watch the game! I think Canada needs to do that too when Team Canada hockey is on…but then again we’d be closed for business all the time when you consider how many teams and tournaments would be involved. :D

The bottom postcard comes from my pen-pal in Ontario and arrived 4 days after it was mailed.  The one from Brazil will not be here in time for Canada Day…their post office said approximately 20 days! It’s been a lot of fun and I’m inspired to keep making postcards; small, quick pieces of art as it were!

Happy Quilting…Valerie Raye

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